Friday, November 11, 2011

Seoul Sisters

One of the sincerest delights of this trip {so many! how to narrow it down?!} was traveling with the Paces. I really think we're on to something here. Ashley sent me a note a week out, "let's do lunch next week. say, Seoul?"

Ashley and I are only 18 months apart, and that made for some "two cats in a duffel bag" moments when we were younger. And by younger, I mean 16 and 17 and should have known better, but were still fighting over clothes and drooling in each other's mouths. Okay, that only happened once. And it wasn't entirely on purpose. One had pinned the other and was laughing so hard and it just kind of happened. I won't say who was the pinner and who was the pinnee... 

Since we wisened up and realized that it's actually super awesome to have a best friend who shares your DNA, we've been thick as thieves. 

These pictures sum up a few of my favorite moments with the Paces, and also the cardiovascular highlights of the trip. We visited a Korean folk village and Ashley and I were reacquainted with an old friend: the Chinese jump rope. {I just googled that to be sure it's really called that and that I'm not somehow racist, and one of the results was a YouTube video with the caption, "Ever caught daydreaming about Chinese jump rope, but you just don't know how to play?" That's just ridiculous. Nobody has ever been caught daydreaming about Chinese jump rope. Jake Gyllenhaal in Source Code, maybe. But never Chinese jump rope.}
The others are from Daedunsan Provincial Park. The Koreans are for realsies about their hikes. And their hiking apparel. We didn't dress as smartly, but we did master the varied terrain of the hike. Different sections of the hike included stairs crafted out of stones, bouldering, a suspension bridge and a seriously steep ladder that proved me wrong - turns out, I am a little scared of heights.

We're so glad it worked out to share this experience with Ashley and Justin. Lunch, next fall, Rome?


Sarah and Trent said...

k, WOW. Big sigh~ ahhhhh how I miss traveling!! Amazing pictures guys, what an awesome adventure.

candace said...

I love Chinese jump rope.