Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Exuberant Knudsens

If you're coming home from a long vacation and you, like me, really dread the post-vacation blues, I recommend scheduling a visit from Koryn and Jeremy. I suppose you could also schedule a visit from someone you know personally. But you might enjoy hanging with Knudsens regardless.

The only thing that got me through my week alone {Noah had to fly right back out for work} was the promise of these two arriving at our place on Friday morning. I really couldn't sleep the night before. I got up and went to the gym. Yeah, I was THAT restless.

We had the most delightful visit with my beautiful sister and her wonderful husband. Their visit also marked the last Furniss/Riley sibling to visit our humble abode {though we do have two siblings-in-law who still need to grace us with their presence}. What a treat to share our city with the Knudsens. They were such gracious guests.
Koryn and Jeremy requested tasty eats and treats recommendations and some off the beaten path neighborhood wandering. Done and done. These are two of my favorite things to do in New York. I think we hit nearly every neighborhood on foot and were sure to get in some delicious meals and sweets in the process.
 {Pretty gal - pretty street.}
I really love that my best friends are my siblings. I just can't imagine spending a weekend any more wonderful way. Thanks for your visit, Knudsens!

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Ashley said...

Turns out you were right! I've been so excited to see that pic of Koryn by the brownstones, and it is SO cute! Sisters!!