Monday, July 19, 2010


*97% of the time when I think the word "visitors" - in my head, I pronounce it "bisitors." And there is some sort of accent associated with it. It seems to have a Latin influence. Why do I do this? Is this a movie quote? A sisters thing? Someone help me out...

July has been a landmark month for visitors. In a 17-day stretch, we spent some portion of 14 of those with friends, family, toddlers, babies and one dog in the house. Our doormen are probably getting suspicious.

We were lucky to spend the 4th of July weekend with our favorite Aussies, Ben and Natalie. I know I've said it before - all company is nice, but it's especially sweet to have family visit. Noah and I commented several times during their visit that this was one of our favorite weekends in New York City. A few old standbys, a few new destinations, a lot of laughs and great conversation.

New Destination: Clinton Street Baking Co. Not sure how we made it this long in the city without stepping foot into Clinton Street. Not sure how life was worth living before stepping foot into Clinton Street. Over the top? Eat their maple syrup and then you tell me.
On the way to our life-altering brunch, I had an unfortunate encounter with a ketchup packet on the Lower East Side. Truly, I didn't think it was possible to get everysingledrop of ketchup on my shorts without even the slightest bit of it left behind or squirting on the ground. But folks, the ketchup packet and I defied the laws of physics. Also impressive how the ketchup seemed to land in all the right compromising places. So my ketchupy shorts and I hit the new Nordstrom Rack at Union Square before meeting up with the crew at the Met. In my new shorts. That looked exactly like my old shorts. Except, you know, hold the condiments.

Old Standby: One of our favorite areas of town is the High Line in Chelsea/Meatpacking District. After perusing Chelsea Market, we hit the High Line and Nat channeled her inner-runway. Posing. Posing a threat, that is.
New Destination: Spice Market for dinner. We'd heard great things - and they're all true. Delicious food, unique menu, killer ambiance. A million thanks to our incredibly generous guests for treating us and also for insisting we use the restroom so we wouldn't miss the awesomeness that was the other floor of the restaurant. Loved this place, will definitely be back.
We also caught a few shows with Ben and Natalie. We saw Sean Hayes and Kristin Chenoweth in Promises, Promises - felt a tad lackluster in the first act, but the first scene of the second act made me laugh so hard I cried. (Tell me if you've seen it so we can laugh uproariously at the word "owl.") Also grabbed tickets to a 4th of July-themed improv show at Upright Citizens Brigade. After getting over my fear that they were actually just luring us down there to rob us (sketchy theater much?), I learned George Washington reminds me a little of Noah's brother, Jesse, and Dwight D. Eisenhower has a potty mouth.

People have been swearing up and down that Levain has the greatest cookie in this town. Got that intel from no fewer than 7 unsolicited sources in as many days. So we made like a tree and scrammed to the Upper West Side.
It's at about this point that I remember the second part of all their stories, "...and we went on a Saturday because it closes so early." "...and we decided we had to stop in because we're rarely on the UWS during the day and it closes so early." "...closes so early." " early."

And so, old standby: Pinkberry, anyone?
And since it was the anniversary of our country's independence, we joined the masses along the Hudson for the fireworks. I would be lying if I said I didn't think once or twice - as I tunneled a path to *turns out* nowhere through people whose deod had long since thrown in the towel in the fight against the hot, humid evening - that independence was overrated, and let's maybe duck out for some fish and chips.*
*I kid. I'm actually a huge fan of living in a free country.