Monday, December 31, 2007

Bearly There

I don't have all our Christmas pics uploaded yet, so the actual obligatory Holiday Post is still waiting in the wings. In the meantime, I thought I'd post these pictures and take a quick stroll down memory lane...

When I was a little kid, we used to visit the Christmas Village in downtown Ogden each year. Noah was kind enough to endure my need to reconnect with my 4-year-old self, and we stopped by the Village while we were downtown on Christmas Eve. It's basically a mock-up of Ogden's companies and buildings with a Christmas theme, and Santa is in a house in the middle of it all. (Tell me that's not a sweeter memory than standing in line at the mall...) Despite all the work that goes into recreating each business in the area and the mechanical elves putting on a very convincing display inside, my favorite part of the Village was always THIS guy.

My Dad took my picture in front of this bear when I was probably two or three, and from that point henceforth I just assumed he belonged to me. (A bit territorial, yeah. But I was the middle child, and ownership opportunities were few and far between. You took what you could get.) So it was sort of bittersweet this year to find the bear in this half-lit existence, I think he's seen better years. I think I'll start a "Save Allison's Bear" fund.

I also wanted to add this one with the younger siblings in tow - mainly because I loved the giant Collin on the right. Don't get me wrong, he's a tall kid. But I don't think he could swallow Megan WHOLE as this picture may have you believe.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Happy Holidays

In lieu of a cute picture and a run-down of the year's events, please enjoy...

The Rileys

Monday, December 17, 2007

Five Golden Rings

I'd always kind of wondered about the 5th day's gift in the beloved (although bordering on obnoxiously long...) Holiday tune, The 12 Days of Christmas. Most of us, if lucky, receive one (maybe two, if it's a set) golden ring from our true love in our lifetime. So why five? A little excessive perhaps?

No. The MoTab Christmas Concert yesterday helped shed a little light on the five golden rings situation. The rings were meant to APOLOGIZE for all the BIRDS. Am I the last human on the planet to realize how many of the 12 Days gifts were winged creatures?! Count 'em down...

Seven Swans a Swimming.
Six Geese a Laying.
Four Calling Birds.
Three French Hens.
Two Turtle Doves.
+ And that Partridge in the Pear Tree.
TWENTY-THREE Feathered Friends.

I had never paid so much attention to the list of gifts before yesterday. But the performers' rendition of the song laid it out pretty plainly. After the first few gifts I sat there thinking, "hmm... more birds. And more birds. And MORE birds."

By the time last group of swans a swam onto the stage, I started getting really nervous for the object of the true love's affection. More than nervous. I was checking for symptoms of avian flu.

I hope on the 13th day of Christmas, her true love sent over old newspapers, 17 pounds of birdseed and forbade her from ever watching any Hitchcock films.

Monday, December 3, 2007


Sometimes living 20 miles from your parents and only six blocks from the artist formerly known as the Delta Center really has its perks. Because if your dad happens to score sweet-as tickets to Jazz/Lakers game, who do the 'rents invite?! That's right. And when your little brother has to work that night, then who do they call? That's right. I've never been so happy that Collin has resigned himself to a life (at least, his pre-high school graduation life) of saving swimmers at the local pool. Because my dad is hip. And the tickets were sweet.

Noah and I had a great time with my parents, and for the most part, I stayed pretty focused on the game. I did, however, get a little distracted by the great people-watching opportunity. Among my list of people watching finds... Elder Perry and Robert DeBry. Successful crowd sifting, non?

During the game, I couldn't help getting a little reminiscent of going to games with my dad (pictured above) when I was a kid and taking binoculars so I could see the court. Which, coincidentally, usually aided in said people watching activity even way back when. People watching with binoculars?! Disturbing. I didn't realize I was such a weirdo until just now.

And a photo of the evening's "big deal" for good measure. Noah and I agreed - we expected him to be taller. Also, if you squint - Elder Perry is in the background. An even "bigger deal" in my book. And I am always pleasantly surprised by how tall he is.