Tuesday, January 29, 2008

'Til We Meet Again

Lawyers and Ballers

Last night, Noah scored tickets to the Jazz/Spurs game. Let the people watching commence! (I watched the game, too - and I cheered and booed at all the appropriate times.)

This game's "attorneys who have purchased more than their fair share of ad space on local television" sighting... Mitch Jensen.

What can I say? It's a gift.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Christmas Weekend - Part Deux

The Furniss household was a prr-etty quiet this year. Koryn and her family stayed in Texas to bask in the sun, and the Paces stayed in Missouri to work on their midwest accents, so it was just the 'rents, the Rileys and the two youngest Furni. We surprised mom and dad with a delicious crepe breakfast (Noah is reason they created crepes. He seriously has these down to an art, which is good - because the first time I attempted and failed I nearly threw the thing across the kitchen. It's really a test of patience more than anything, so it's right up Noah's alley), and then we spent the afternoon at the Salomon Center in downtown Ogden.

I've never been bowling with my family - but I think we should start a tradition, or a league, or a bowling mentors program or something - because for real, we've got skills. Every single one of us broke 100 - except for the only really athletic one in the family. I won't call her out, but she's the one in the picture. And she's not me.

To top off the Christmas Eve festivities we saw National Treasure 2 and then made a quick stop by Costco, where we each proceeded to toss whatever finger foods we were craving into the cart. We went home, heated up our no-prep Costco meal and enjoyed the rest of the evening together playing games. BBQ meatballs and bowling - we're not white trash, I swear. :) Actually, this Christmas Eve goes right up there with my list of favorites. We really missed the rest of the clan, but it was a great day with Mom, Dad, Megs and Collin.

Christmas morning was super-chill, seeing as how the youngest individual in the whole house stands at an impressive 6'3" these days. After a relaxing breakfast, some very generous gifts,and some more relaxing (whew, what did we DO all day?) we headed to my cousin's home for Christmas dinner. One of the evening's highlights? Mom and Dad Wii-Boxing. Hysterical. Dad's a fairly friendly fighter. Mom on the other hand... she's pretty scrappy in the imaginary ring.

The Boys

A cute little guy and his handsome uncle. And I'm not at all partial.

Christmas Weekend

This year's Christmas season made us long for the student days when the holidays meant three weeks of uninterrupted bloungin'. What's with this getting older business? But we still enjoyed a great few days with each side of the Furniss/Riley equation and ate up every minute of it.

En route to Payson, we met up with some of my extended family at Grandpa Furniss' assisted living home to perform a Christmas program for the residents there. Ah, the captive audience... While we were there, I realized this was the first time Noah had ever heard my uncle sing - he has a truly phenomenal voice, it was a real treat to get to hear him sing. And to hear the residents sing along in a different key.

In Payson, we hit up the wicked good sledding hill at Payson High School (go Lions, take state!) and for the second year running, Noah and I were ill-prepared for all things snow sports. Hence, Noah's fancy Carhartt jumpsuit and my lovely getup (I wish the picture did it justice... my pajamas under an old pair of Noah's jeans). Gabe was not to be outdone, however, and he really stole the snow clothes show. Ben and Nat and their little fam moved to Australia last week and didn't want to invest in snow suits before the move down under (rightly so...), so Nat really strapped on the ingenuity and sent her little guy down the slopes in this Elmo costume. Hey, whatever works.

This picture was one of my very favorites. When the Uncle Noie train derailed, Elmo made his big escape.

Jesse, Caysie and the girls were also in town for the holidays, and it was so fun to see their sweet family! Annie wasn't diggin' the sledding so much, but she did create one impressive snowman with a bucket and some sticks.

Another favorite photo from the day - the girls getting sloppy on snow. This picture of all the girls sacked out reminds me of some of the parties I attended in high school (just kidding, Mom and Dad...).