Sunday, September 30, 2007

Ay Carumba.

I woke up yesterday morning, and while Noah left to go help a family move a dresser (I love that about him) I was looking forward to spending a cozy morning inside while the rain drizzled outside the kitchen window. It was the kind of morning where you curl up with a mug of hot apple cider and a good book... only I didn't have any cider and I was reading the latest blog activity. Either way, I was enjoying a quiet morning inside, when ... what the mariachi music? And to add insult to mariachi, a loud, robust whistle (not necessarily on key) chimed in.

The drawback of living in an apartment with neighbors on all sides is the near-impossibility of determing from where the sound is coming. Further adding to my madness was the fact it seemed to be coming from above my head, and last time I checked, we live on the top floor. Finally, I determined it may be coming from below us. But what gives? These folks have been quiet up until now. Perhaps this is to punish me for doing kickboxing in my living room for the past few months.

Okay, truce. No more TurboKick at unholy hours and no more fiestas on otherwise peaceful Saturday mornings.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Cannonball & A Broken Vase

For my birthday - and/or to make recompense for skipping town on the actual anniversary of my birth - Noah took me to the Damien Rice concert in Orem. It was a great show, he sounds AMAZING live! The "Cannonball" track on one of our mixes is pretty much worn out thanks to my over-extensive playing, so naturally I was holding my breath waiting for him to play it. He did not. Then he came back out for the obligatory encore (I think maybe encores are losing their charm) and still - nothing. Finally, as the very last piece, he gave us what we were all waiting for. Damien, you tease, you.

Before the concert, we had time for a little birthday shopping, so I picked up few sweaters (LOVE fall!) and a vase to go in the bathroom - because THIS one decided to protest the small counter space it was allotted and threw itself to its death earlier that morning.

Noah wasn't as torn up about the loss as I was - apparently he wasn't so attached to a vase that came with flowers from an old high school flame.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Gone Country

Well, Noah and I are already enjoying the perks of client relations and big cities (-er, bigger than Logan). The agency that represents SelectHealth kindly hosted us at the Keith Urban concert the other night. And after a tasty trip for Thai we headed over to the Energy Solutions Arena (ugh, I've conformed. I actually just called it that) where the stellar acoustics helped level the playing field between those who knew all the words and those of us who didn't (which is probably good, because I have a sneaking suspicion the back-up vocals guy doesn't actually speak English anyway).

There we are (sans hats, boots and belt-bling requisite any good country concert-goer, we're such posers) - and Keith is the background, I swear. That's what I love about concert pictures, we could be standing in our front room for all you know. If it looks like I had a 3:00 appointment with some kid at a flagpole, that's because Noah totally checked me in the eye during his rambunctious participation in the wave. I have a staunch no-wave policy, and apparently Noah wanted to show me what a good time one might have when participating in said wave. But I don't think an elbow to the eye is quite the conversion ploy he thought it might be.

All in all, we had a great time. Keith put on a great show, and there isn't a lady around who can resist that accent.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Safe at Home

Anyone who shares my sister's in-laws' fear of all that is west of State Street may find this post's title a little amusing.

When I found this quote, I loved it - it really seems to sum us up. Well, the first sentence, at least :). Noah and I are always game for an adventure, I think it's what really drew us to one another in the first place (that and my side hugs and cold shoulder). But right now, I kind of feel like we're in the "safe at home" stage. It's really not a complaint, and I hesitate to make the observation because we really are so blessed, it's almost hard to grasp sometimes. We have an amazing little life on 6th North and life is so good. But sometimes I pine for a job opportunity in Phuket, or a shopping spree in the black markets of Shanghai (that's half my wardrobe - and I hate paying full price for anything, so I don't know how we expect to dress our future kids otherwise!), or agitating pigeons in St. Mark's square while sporting a long jacket and Jackie O's.

But until then - we're soaking up every bit of adventure Salt Lake can dish out, and loving every minute of it. We're also enjoying the great company of amazing family and friends we have nearby. Thanks for visiting our blog, we're excited to keep you posted on all the zigs and zags of this adventure we call life.