Monday, February 13, 2012

Be Merry.

Ever wish the holiday season could last a few extra months? Well, read our blog and it can. My gift to you. You're welcome.

This Christmas was lovely. Megan, Collin, Noah and I converged on the Pace home for a week of holiday cheer. Our intentions were pure (we'll come to you...) but mostly, that just meant we reaped the benefits of their wonderful hospitality. We wished desperately that Koryn and her clan and our parents could have been there with us, too. I have a feeling Christmas 2013 is going to be off the chain. Because you know how we Furnisses have a tough time staying on the chain...

In addition to delicious home-cooking, fun game nights and belly laughs, the Pace home added that oh-so-delightful ingredient that really makes the holidays magical. The kiddos.
I know it may be obvious and oft-expressed, but oh! how those little ones make the holidays memorable.

Highlights included our dance party - complete with whisk and spatula mics, the most quaint Christmas Village and train ride to the North Pole (Ashley has a much better recap), and serving as Abbey's cheering section when she bravely pierced those lobes. She'd been a little worried about doing it on the previous attempt, so it was definitely something Ash and Justin played cool and let her take at her pace. As someone who has mild panic attacks anytime I even think of pain/needles/anything remotely medical, I knew how much it meant to be brave and git 'er done. I was so proud of her!

(Upon seeing these photos, Ashley nervously asked, "Is that you?! Did you pierce her ears?" No, no. Don't be silly. The 17-year old who certified yesterday pierced her ears.)

 Such a perfect holiday season. Come again soon!