Friday, December 10, 2010

Paris, Je T'Adore

I keep thinking I'd like to post these photos of the Paris portion of our trip, but I haven't had time to write.

That's when I realized - hello! - it's Paris. It probably doesn't need a whole lot of blahbity-bah from me.

{our cozy digs and lovely view}

{in the marais, near our place - centre de georges pompidous, hotel de ville, place des vosges}

{a day at versailles}

{montmarte in the morning}

{arc de triomphe, champs elysees and macarons}

{art in the afternoon - louvre, louvre gardens and musee d'orsay}

{notre dame and the latin quarter}

 {along the seine}

{tour de eiffel}

{au revoir.}

Friday, December 3, 2010

Good Humor

Noah:    Pomegranates are on sale at PathMark.
Allison:  Ooh, really? Let's pick some up and do chicken salad sandwiches. And that's perfect because we have celery at home, so we'd only have to pick up chicken and green onions and rolls... and the pomegranates. 
Noah:   So what you're saying is - we have celery.

This exchange made me laugh so hard yesterday. As in, laughing uncontrollably on the subway platform and probably looking ridiculous and not really caring.

Last night, as we laid in bed we got giggling over something else when suddenly I started laughing so hard I couldn't stop. That's when Noah asked into the dark, "you're laughing about the pomegranates again, aren't you?" 

Ah, laughter is good for the soul. I feel like we've been laughing about a lot of things lately - and it feels good. This guy makes me deliriously happy.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

London Calling

Continuing in the tradition of anniversary getaways, Noah and I celebrated #4 with a hop across the pond.

We found a killer deal on Iceland Express. The only drawback...? We had to fly Iceland Express. Don't get me wrong, I do love a good deal - so I'm not saying I wouldn't do it again. But severely limited legroom on red-eye with a detour through Reykjavik without so much as a glass of water handed out and you can't buy anything on-board because they won't accept cards and they give your change in Icelandic? It's a long road to financial recovery for Iceland, I get that. And evidently the airline is doing their part to move currency around. I suppose should be commending them.

We landed in London and made our way to Matt and Noelle's place in charming Notting Hill. Matt's joining the elite ranks of LSE grads (alongside such distinguished alums President Josiah Bartlett and Andrew Bond... and a whole host of nonfictional characters) while Noelle is running the world via Skype by day, and the dynamic duo is learning about Jack the Ripper, eating Indian food on Brick Lane and hosting guests by night.
We hit a few London sights then met up with Noelle and Matt for the infamous Jack the Ripper walking tour. This is one of my salient memories from our London trip when I was awkward 14. Ashley and I went back to our hotel room afterward completely freaked out - exacerbated by the fact it was just the two of us in our garden-level room and we could hear sounds from the courtyard all night.
The next day, we enjoyed a stroll through Portobello Market where I reunited with these little pear candies that I thought were the best ever when I was a kid (turns out, they are just sweet. taste a lot like your typical candy. not really best ever. but I was introduced to them at the Dodenbier's at the same time as "dropes" (Dutch salted black licorice) - so they were probably best ever in comparison.).

We also saw a dog who thinks he's a parrot, the Travel Book Shop from the movie Notting Hill, and these beauties that made me think of all the talented seamstresses in my life...
This is also the point in the trip where Noelle graciously lent me her beautiful gray coat so I wouldn't have to wear the one red coat the entire trip. I underestimated the chilly weather - and/or I packed a lot of outfits I really like that involve sweaters and not coats. See? Taking over the world and outfitting her friends appropriately. She's just that wonderful.
It was more of our tourist ways from there. We loved our tour of the Tower of London (wondering if Noah's USU Ambassador days could qualify him for that gig? They live there. sah-weet digs.) and then we hit literally every spot we should/could and a dinner of fish & chips as we made our way back to Notting Hill on foot.
Craving sunflower seeds, and not surprisingly, not craving poultry at Tate Modern:
London by night...
Sunday and Monday's highlights included Evensong at Westminster Abbey, the National Gallery, Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace and the Science Museum - especially the part of the Science Museum where we didn't realize there was a line and went in the back door instead.
Renegade roller derbyists raising a ruckus. Typical.
We made up for nearly every calorie we may have ever burned in our entire lifetimes with frequent bakery and gelateria stops.
Thank you, Lybberts and London, for the delightful visit.