Friday, December 3, 2010

Good Humor

Noah:    Pomegranates are on sale at PathMark.
Allison:  Ooh, really? Let's pick some up and do chicken salad sandwiches. And that's perfect because we have celery at home, so we'd only have to pick up chicken and green onions and rolls... and the pomegranates. 
Noah:   So what you're saying is - we have celery.

This exchange made me laugh so hard yesterday. As in, laughing uncontrollably on the subway platform and probably looking ridiculous and not really caring.

Last night, as we laid in bed we got giggling over something else when suddenly I started laughing so hard I couldn't stop. That's when Noah asked into the dark, "you're laughing about the pomegranates again, aren't you?" 

Ah, laughter is good for the soul. I feel like we've been laughing about a lot of things lately - and it feels good. This guy makes me deliriously happy.


melissa o said...

I find Matt and I doing the exact same thing; so so brilliantly fun to have a spouse who brings so much joy. YAY.

OurHappyFamily said...

LOL! Loved this exchange! You guys are too cute!

Happy Holidays!

E.F.G. said...

one ingredient is usually how i plan meals. as in, i need to use my..." so i'll just pick up x,y, and z.

you two and this post made me deliriously happy!

Kimber said...

Love this! You two are too cute!! Sure glad you guys live nearby!

Jenna said...

that's funny. :)

Robby Spratt said...

That is the best story! You two are so lucky. I really hope I can have something like that someday. :)

koryn said...

Awww. Cuteness. And I laughed out loud. Thanks :) Looking forward to some good humor at my house in a few weeks!