Monday, December 17, 2007

Five Golden Rings

I'd always kind of wondered about the 5th day's gift in the beloved (although bordering on obnoxiously long...) Holiday tune, The 12 Days of Christmas. Most of us, if lucky, receive one (maybe two, if it's a set) golden ring from our true love in our lifetime. So why five? A little excessive perhaps?

No. The MoTab Christmas Concert yesterday helped shed a little light on the five golden rings situation. The rings were meant to APOLOGIZE for all the BIRDS. Am I the last human on the planet to realize how many of the 12 Days gifts were winged creatures?! Count 'em down...

Seven Swans a Swimming.
Six Geese a Laying.
Four Calling Birds.
Three French Hens.
Two Turtle Doves.
+ And that Partridge in the Pear Tree.
TWENTY-THREE Feathered Friends.

I had never paid so much attention to the list of gifts before yesterday. But the performers' rendition of the song laid it out pretty plainly. After the first few gifts I sat there thinking, "hmm... more birds. And more birds. And MORE birds."

By the time last group of swans a swam onto the stage, I started getting really nervous for the object of the true love's affection. More than nervous. I was checking for symptoms of avian flu.

I hope on the 13th day of Christmas, her true love sent over old newspapers, 17 pounds of birdseed and forbade her from ever watching any Hitchcock films.


Natalie said...

I actually heard a radio commentary about that the other day -- funny. Why birds? Why not other animals if you're going to do birds? Maybe the Maids a' milking will help take care of them -- milking is only twice a day!

allee said...

Hilarious! That stage was getting pretty crowded with all of those gifts.

Paco Belle said...

That is really funny. So many birds! Why so many? Perhaps, they really like eating poultry? I've never had a calling bird...I bet it tastes like a French Hen.

Ashley said...

Seriously. It's more like 'On the 8th day of Christmas, my ex-boyfriend sent to me...'

Darby said...

Too many birds for my liking. I don't know if I'd like for my true love to send me all those winged creatures. That's a lot of work too.

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Mercy said...

Great work.