Wednesday, November 23, 2011


This is the last post about Korea, and then we can all get on with our lives.

Oh, of course that's silly. It's a little narcissistic of me to think my words have any sort of effect on the pace of your lives. No, no. What I mean to say, of course, is that this is the last post about Korea, and then I can get on with telling you about the rest of my life... yeah, I hear it.

I thought living in New York had somewhat inoculated me against being awestruck by large cities. But Seoul is just so vast. It's amazing. We spent an afternoon at Seoul Tower and from its perch above the city, we had 360 degree views of it all - the metropolis sprawling in every possible direction.
A familiar sight - "locking" one's love and symbolically throwing away the key. Although, this time, accompanied with a cautionary tale...
Because you just never know :).

I'm finding it hard to wrap up this experience - a retelling doesn't quite seem to do it justice. Also, I know how much my parents adore blog updates (yours especially, dear sisters and Lee/Barlow cousins. almost every conversation with dad begins with, "have you seen {enter your name here}'s blog site?" i'm particularly fond of the fact he calls them blog sites).
Thank you for your sweet examples, Mom and Dad, in accepting this call to serve and engaging in such a worthwhile work. Thank you for your incredible generosity in sharing this experience with us. Love and miss you so much! 당신이 그리워!


Nicole said...

I have been sitting here waiting for another Korea post. No really! Your pictures are spectacular! So colorful and just good. Thanks for reporting on your visit. I miss your parents, too. :)

Also, your hair looks awesome in Korea. All the time, but especially in Korea. Don't you think? :)

Melissa said...

Wow, I have been so out of the blog world that I missed all of these until now, and I'm in love. With the photos, the colors, the light, the Stunning. Allison, you're a babe. What an amazing trip!! I'm so happy you got to go see your parents!! How fun! Miss you!

melissa said...

I adore your blog site and have especially enjoyed your posts on Korea! Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures and your amazing hair. I love seeing where Uncle Mark and Aunt Julie are living.