Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bless My Seoul

Yeah, there's plenty more where that came from.

Seoul claimed its spot on my list of cities I'd call home. What a beautiful and exciting place. We hit the sites one might expect (Gyeonbok Palace, Namdaemun Market, Seoul Tower) and also enjoyed some spots off the beaten path.

And I take it back. THIS is my favorite picture of little B from the trip.

Noah adds a little special something to this Pace family shot...
Those sweet parents of mine. Doesn't my mom's smile just make your day? It makes mine.
And when we move to Seoul, mark my words, we will live in Sam-Chung. This area had special significance to my dad, as it was the first area he lived when he was in Korea in the 70s. We were able to visit the home where he lived as a young man - it's still being used as a mission office for the Seoul mission.
Marionettes in Sam-Chung.

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Elisse Newey said...

these are so gorgeous! It looks like it was a blast. We hope you're both well!