Thursday, November 17, 2011

Chickens and a City Wall

There are so many memories in this series of photos that melt my heart. The one of little B smiling into the camera has to be my favorite picture of the whole trip. He was such a great traveler - just the sweetest little guy. Which is why it's tied for a close second with the moment he and Noah are sharing in the one below. Too sweet.
This Korean folk village was such a beautiful spot. Mom and Dad were so gracious to take us to all these places they've visited before (and will likely visit again!). It turns out road trips in Korea are a lot like road trips out West when we were kids - Mom had the cooler of healthy snacks in tow. For now, she's trading in the apples and oranges for "beh" and Korean melons. So we always feasted thanks to Mom's kind preparation. (Mom - I saw Korean melons at Whole Foods the other night and they almost made me cry. I blame that reaction partly on it being 11pm and me being really tired.)
We also made an evening visit to the city of Suwon. The city and its walk-able city wall were stunning.
Markets are pretty high on my list of favorite things. Ask Noah - I can't help myself, I love wandering through stores. Not so much department stores, but little grocery stores and markets. It's not that I even buy anything, just something about the scene that I love. The sights, the sounds, the life. So much going on. The little guy clearly agrees.

Outside a little restaurant that belongs to a woman in my parents' church congregation. I think this is a nice picture of everyone, but it's gorgeous of Ashley. Honestly. What a fox.


Jaci said...

I am in love with your photos! Such a neat trip and photographed beautifully! You are so pretty Allison!

Taylor Morgan said...

you are so photogenic!

candace said...

I am loving this recap! And all the fun photos. Sorry to get "mommy" on you, but do you know the name of that baby carrier? You are looking fabulous, by the way!!

Ginnie said...

These are such great pictures!! Your parents look so happy and great. I miss them lots. It looks/sounds like it was a fun trip!