Monday, November 5, 2007

Last Leg

Sorry if you're getting tripped out (read: tired of the pictures already!), but these last few pictures were some of my very favorites from the whole trip. We spent the last two days in Palymra, NY where the leaves had turned since our first drive through the area. The morning we left, we were able to attend the temple and visit the Sacred Grove, it was the perfect way to end the trip. Below are two of my favorite pictures from the path to the Grove.

I thought these trees were so neat - I love that each one is a different color.


ben and natalie said...

Gorgeous pics! You must have been in heaven to see that in person, breathtaking!

Just wanted to thank-you Noah (and Allison too, but I sent you an email) for your sweet birthday note. You are too good to me and give me too much credit! Thanks again!


PS -What are you talking about putting up with the Riley boys?! It' been my pleasure.

Amy said...

These pictures are STUNNING!! What a gorgeous place!

jon & whit said...

oh my those are gorgeous!! i absolutely LOVED the sacred grove - it was amazing! but i didn't get to see it that pretty!! awesome! said...

All the photos are beautiful. You guys are also a very good posing couple.

Rileys said...

Hate to tell you Allison, but here in Ohio that's in our backyard! We can already tell that we are going to really miss the fall in Ohio.