Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Legitimate New Enlgand Portion of the Trip...

For the second half of the week, we enjoyed beautiful Vermont. We spent the first evening at the Inn at Baldwin Creek - incredible. It came highly recommended, and we're passing along the recommendation. If you go, try the Autumn Lasagna and stay in the Tree House.

The Inn.

The view from our room.

We were also able to spend a few days with my cousin and her sweet family. They were such great hosts, and really went out of their way to show us all Vermont had to offer...

Middlebury, VT

The Allreds' Front Porch

Allison, Noah, Taylor, Ethan, Weston, Creepy Juggling Guy, Jen, Ben in Burlington, VT. I'm pretty sure when we were kids we used to smile in the background of people's pictures - so I should be fair and not call him creepy. Then again, we weren't 27.

I couldn't bring myself to crop this photo, because I loved the whole scene. But squint in close to the screen to see Westy TOTALLY getting into Fall. Love it.


Rileys said...

Allison- It looks like you guys had a great time. I am so glad you were able to see the East in Fall. It has become my absolute favorite, it is beautiful here! I do not want winter to come, because I will miss all the beautiful colors. But then again it too may be beautiful, but cold!
Can't wait to see you guys

Lane and Whitney Blake said...

What a fun trip for you two, I can't wait to get up and visit that area sometime.

melissa said...

How can my nephews be that huge? Is that a picture of Jen's porch or from Jen's porch? She loved having you guys visit. Yay for Vermont!

Allison & Noah Riley said...

Seriously, Melissa! My most vivid memory of the Allred boys was when they were singular - just one little Taylor. It was so fun to meet them - that Weston cracks me up!

This picture is FROM Jen's porch. Thanks for the clarification :)