Wednesday, October 31, 2007


The next stop on our trip was Schenectady, NY. Three points to anyone who can pronounce this town BEFORE being laughed at and corrected by the Canadian Border Patrol.

The church across the street from our B&B.

Union College campus.

This was the street we stayed on and I thought the town was so quaint... and then we actually drove around. I don't think we'll be relocating to Schenectady anytime soon.

The drive from New York to Vermont was unbelievable! It was literally like watching Fall happen. I couldn't believe how FAR we drove in the thick of trees after trees... it was like Sardine Canyon on steroids.

It was somewhere around this point of trip that I LOST my make-up. Blast. So prepare for Allison au naturale. Fortunately, we were in Vermont - and my no-makeupness didn't really set me a part from the crowd.


Paco Belle said...

That is where I lost my makeup too! Must be something in the woods...I love the East Coast at this time of year. Awesome pictures, makes me want to go back and do the driving tour.

Natalie said...

Schenectady... I love that. It seriously sounds quaint. Too bad it proved otherwise.

Maren said...

Well dear, you are beautiful-makeup or not. And it looks like the two of you had a spectacular vacation! Love the pics.