Thursday, October 13, 2011

They Say It's Your Birthday

27 is treating me well thus far. I tend to be fairly low-key about my birthday, but Noah, family, friends and colleagues really pulled out all the stops and I learned I'm pretty wild about high-key, too. 

Noah surprised me one evening when I hopped in the car after work {rental - lest you think we're fancy pants these days}. He handed me a small jewelry box and officially launched the 12 Days of Allison. Each day, he delighted me with a kind gift or gesture. All the gifts were so meaningful and ranged from a clean apartment {fastest way to my heart} to a 50mm lens {in cahoots with Ashley} and a subscription to the Economist. All were directly linked to comments or observations I'd made over the past few months. And while the gifts were very nice, it was so much more the thought and preparation behind them. Goodness, I love that man. 

The celebration continued with a wonderful evening out with my Relief Society presidency. I adore and respect these women so much. Emily, Dana and Julie treated me to an evening of delightful conversation and oh-so-yummy sweets at DessertTruck Works. Go there. Run, don't walk. Get the Nutella-filled warm brioche donut squares. I could hardly finish typing that sentence without my jeans feeling a bit more snug.
The next day, some of the ladies at work surprised me with birthday dessert in my office. I work with some of my very best friends and these ladies were all about the details. Fruit dessert because of my affinity for the stuff, and the location, so we could sit as near to my window as possible and punish the cake office across the street {I swear, they only use this office for the consumption of cake; we're talking twice, thrice weekly}. I don't think they knew they were being punished.

On the 12th Day of Allison, Noah threw a rooftop party complete with Junior's cheesecakes and coordinating decor {although, my hunch tells me the latter was Kimber's doing...}. I was so touched by the many friends who made their way down to our place for the get together. Thanks to all for such a great birthday!


melissa said...

What awesome friends and an awesome Noah you have! I've always wanted to go to a rooftop party. Happy Birthday!

Robby Spratt said...

That sounds incredible! You are so lucky!

Brandon and Erica said...

that is so adorable! Good job, Noah. Celebrated like a true Chuck Norris fan....

In other news, Happy Birthday! But mostly, I am LOVING your hair in all these recent pics. You are so dashing :) NYC + Allison = posh pair