Friday, October 7, 2011

Printemps with the Paces

I am the lucky aunt to nine beautiful little nieces (a host of great nephews, too - but this one's about the ladies), two of whom I was blessed to visit last spring when they welcomed their new baby brother to their family. The trip was wonderful and too short, always. But we did pack it in with plenty of fun - including our picnic to one of the gorgeous parks nearby and little H's third birthday party.

Fortunately, Ashley's talented eye can frequently be found behind the lens, and she captured some beautiful memories of our weekend together. When she sent these the other morning (at 3am, to be precise - thanks to Baby B's little clock still set for Korea time!), my heart just melted. I really love my siblings, and I especially adore their offspring :).


E.F.G. said...

i love these pictures! your nieces are adorable and you look as fabulous as always. they make me miss noelle. she has that special aunt-niece thing going on too.

candace said...

Now those are some pretty girls!! And pretty pictures!

Brandon and Erica said...

I love your long hair! You are gorgeous...and yes, is that weird that I also adore your sister's photography because sometimes I check her blog? (She's practically my friend, if she knows my sister, right?)