Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Labor All Our Days

If I wait to be clever, this post will never happen - and it will be another two months before I post. So here you are - photos and non-clever descriptions.

Labor Day weekend was, in a word, delightful. Noah and I spent an evening with McHale, Kirilenko, Sock and Roddick at the U.S. Open, where I practiced my mad hops in front of the Unisphere and Noah practiced -- nay, perfected -- looking handsome.

We spent the rest of the weekend with the Ibanezes in Connecticut, where we paddle boated on the sound and were introduced to the world of "night crabbing." Don't let these pictures fool you - it's harder to catch a crab with a basketball net taped to a pole than one may think. We also learned who is good at standing still for slow shutter speeds and who is not (ahem, I'm looking at you, Jax).

Our Connecticut getaway also included the lovely town of Kent and hiking, camping and beaching at three of "Connecticut's many lovely state parks." { - pretty obscure reference noah threw out during the trip. kudos to anyone who picks up on it.}


Mindy said...

I always feel a little strange leaving comments on your blog, since we don't know each other so well. I claim it is okay because I know Noah. But I wanted you to know that if I ever have a husband, I am going to steal your phrase, "He practiced - NAY, he perfected be handsome." It's fanflippintastic. And you said you weren't going to be clever!

candace said...

You guys sure know how to vacation!! Looks so fun. I hope you are loving loving the NY dream!