Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Visit From Our Capitol-Dwellers

The summer before Noah and I were married, I took one last leap of freedom (kidding, it wasn't a Noah-escape plot) and found an internship in Washington, DC for the summer. I'd always been really fortunate with roommate situations - truly, not a bad experience in the bunch. And this summer proved an extension of great luck in the roommate department.

This was the summer I really needed roommates who knew how to have free fun (when your rent is 3/4 your paycheck, it's not just a good idea, it's the only way to leave the house), knew the appropriate amount of squealing required at the news of an engagement, were willing to go along with or at least put up with my workout schedule (it was pre-wedding, and I was on the gettin'-sexy-plan) and would introduce a daily frozen hot chocolate routine into an otherwise monotonous 9 to 5.

Enter: Kami, Melissa, Ashlee, Mindy.

It's been three years, three weddings, one baby, eleven new jobs and lots of moves since that summer and I love that we've been able to keep in touch the way we have. At the prospect of moving to New York, I was giddy to be back on the same side of the map with just a Chinatown bus ride between us.

Melissa, Ashlee and little Van braved the bus and came to play a few weekends ago. Their visit was the perfect excuse to eat poorly (Noah apologizes for suggesting fried chicken. Does anyone actually enjoy the feeling post-fried chicken meal?), watch a chick flick, talk about life in the bathroom until 2am and visit the High Line, which we were anxious to check out (click the link - really, this is an awesome park).
The impressive crib Noah fashioned from the chaise lounge.
Breakfast - a desperate attempt to counteract the fried chicken.
The highlights from the High Line:
I always make this obnoxious face at babies. It's tragic, really. I need to knock it off before we have one of our own and he/she is scarred from the relentless face-making.

And a stroll through one of NYC's least frequented areas:
It occurred to me as I added pictures to this post how prominently the little Vanster is featured in my selection. Can you even blame me? This beautiful little boy turns heads. The problem is, now that I've had this adorable guy Baby Bjornin from my shoulders - if people DON'T go nuts over our kids on the Subway some day, I will know.


allyn said...

funfunfun. you guys should really start charging by the night. that is, after the boney's come to visit.

holy-scab-on-noah's-right-leg, batman. that looks like it really hurt.

Natalie said...

impressive crib - and I love your long hair!
I make awkward faces at babies too. Maybe it gets toned down with motherhood? I've also recently been obsessed with turning babies upside down because they laugh. I don't know...

lauren said...

your hair is getting so long. and i love it!

Ashlie & Deven said...

Two things... how cute it Noah with the baby sling on and I LOVE your long hair!

Lincoln and Alisia said...

Hi. You don't know me. But I feel like I know you. You just featured two of my most favoritest DC girls in the whole wide world, and they both talk about how much they love you. So I feel like we should be friends.

So let me introduce myself. I am Ali. We have similar names, which is a pretty great start if you ask me.

Oh yeah, and I know Natalie (who is two comments above me) How are we honestly not friends already?

Lets not forget that fact that my brother and sister in law stayed at your place and our place last month (a past feature on your blog).

So if you are not totally psyched out by this random stranger comment, I think we should break the ice and be blog friends...

Melissa said...

Al...the trip couldn't have been more fun and perfect (unLESS Kam and Mind had been there too!), you're a fabulous host, and it was such a nice relaxing weekend. Really, who can say that about a visit to NYC? Thanks for helping carry the little man for 3 days straight, thanks for your kind comments in this post, and please, come visit us again soon!

And I feel like here I should say something about how long your hair is getting...which of course I too love. :)