Monday, July 13, 2009

Oh Canada!

I'm typically shy away from much work-chat around this place. Especially when I have more than a month's worth of trips home, the little bro heading out for his two-year gig, visits from great friends and fun city haps.

If you were included in that list of oversights, I beg your forgiveness. If you are Canadian, I won't need to...

Who's Tim Horton? If you're in Manhattan and not under a rock, you're going to learn soon enough. Catch them on the Today Show at 8:20 am (ET) this morning.
If we're anything like our friendly neighbors to the north, we're gonna go nuts.
*Yeah, really.


Thomas Family said...

You better watch out - before you know it we'll be taking over!

candace said...

i love the work talk! sounds pretty, unfortunately the nearest location to me is still a couple thousand miles away :)

Dominick and Becky said...

As non-Canadian, who grew up on the Canadian border, I am a huge fan of Tim Horton's!!