Thursday, May 7, 2009


I think I have a healthy fear of most things-to-be-feared.

This morning I discovered the trump card of all fears. My toddler puking on the subway.

Seriously. Think about it. Well, don't think about it. Just think about the logistics of it all. I know, harrowing.


Ashlie & Deven said...

Oh Allison, I love living vicariously through your New York life! Keep up the great blog, it keeps up my at-home-mommy life. Also, huge FEAR - my kid throwing up anywhere.

riley said...

I don't think the window falling on your head is nearly as bad as cockroaches in your granola. ick!

I'll tell you what is worse than you toddler throwing up on the subway, your toddler throwing up at church for a few reasons:
1. We came in late and went to the front causing a scene
2. Less than 5 minutes later, we left church ignominiously after Laine tossed her cookies.
3. We know these people!!!