Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Berry Nice

I think Noah and I have consumed at least 25 pounds of berries since we moved to the city. It's those little stands on the street - I just cannot resist them. And a little friendly negotiation to get them at an even more affordable price? What could be better?

I'll TELL you!

If you live near a Pathmark and you, too, cannot live without your daily dose of B2, B5, B6 - strawberries are $1/pound. You heard me. Two-pound clamshells of deliciousness for $2.

Go there. Don't even finish reading this post. Just go.

I wish I could sound healthy and say that yogurt, berries and granola are my treat of choice. Don't get me wrong, I can put away this combo like nobody's business, but it may be misleading to have you think it's in place of treats. My sweet tooth and my conscience prevent me from such a misunderstanding. Nonetheless - since our $4 acquisition (limit two per customer; we will be back - oh yes, we will be back) it's been berries with yogurt, berries with spinach salad (this and a delicious loaf of sourdough were dinner the other night. our male coworkers were horrified that I would subject Noah to a meatless dinner of salad and bread. oooh, boy. if they only knew how rarely I prepared meat. i think they added it to their list of questions to ask a prospective spouse...) and berries with berries. Breakfast Saturday morning will likely be crepes with berries.

And if anyone knows where to find some pectin in this city, spill it.


Allyson said...

What a great price for strawberries! My favorite way to dress up straberries is by dipping them first inton sour cream and then brown sugar. :)

Robby Spratt said...

Pectin? I will have to google that cuz I have no idea what that even is.

Quinn and Linds said...

You can always buy the Ball freezer jam stuff from the grocery store. I have bought it at smith's, wal-mart, target, etc... I am sure they have it New York :)

I am super jealous of all the cheap berries and clams...don't even get me started!

Drae said...

I love reading your posts!! I live vicariously through you. I'm a sucker for street vendors and berry street vendors are no different!! Sounds like great meals to me. So glad you're getting those B-vitamins in!

Claire said...

I am SO glad you are enjoying the fruit of the season!!!