Tuesday, May 5, 2009


To the lowest bidder?

Remember how we drove our little car across the country in January? Remember how there is nowhere to park the little guy in Manhattan unless we want to take out a second mortgage? And so, by the grace and goodness of a very kind cousin and his equally kind wife, the little white car took up residence in lovely Connecticut just until we could sell it. You know, one... two... weeks?

"Oh, what's that? You haven't sold that thing yet?"
"No, no - it's just been darkening their driveway in an auto cocoon since January."

Here's a proof point - the picture we've been posting with the listing. Yeah, that's snow. And now it's May.

I know! It makes us probably the worst people you know. This was not for lack of trying or failed attempts. Plenty of both.

So this morning, when a guy showed up with cold, hard cash and it was less than anyone had offered ever and it didn't matter because he was there and willing to drive it away we said - "pleasure doing business with you."

And so I bid adieu to the first car I ever owned.

I had to laugh remembering the day I bought it from the previous owner. My dad came with me and as we approached their driveway I quickly explained under my breath that the car was standard, I didn't know how to drive one and he needed to get right in the driver's side and not make a scene :). (I didn't want to go lurching out of their driveway with them standing there, and I really didn't want to sit there and have the conversation about it in front of them.)

And later that evening, driving the car to Logan from Ogden with the utmost focus, hands clamped at 10 and 2, taking 10th West because there were fewer stoplights and everyone knows the tricky part of a manual transmission is the stop and go.

And stalling it at the intersection of 10th North and Main Street anyway.

There was also the weekend I was pulled over without registration, proof of insurance or a valid driver's license (basically I was just a human in a car); the car was illegally towed from a grocery store parking lot in Salina (not related to the aforementioned issues - and this is actually a good stick-it-to-the-man story when a police chief in Logan called Salina City to demand my money back); and I left the interior light on, killing the car in yet another grocery store parking lot in Bountiful.


Natalie said...

oh awesome... i did the exact same thing...bought a manual about two days before I left for USU. Scared me to death, but by the time I graduated I figured it out. I actually just bought another one. they get better gas mileage.

sorry there's no capital letters. i managed to sprain my pinky finger.

Quinn and Linds said...

Sorry to see the beamer go...one would think you two would have a little more loyalty to that car after all the snow you drove her through in Logan and SLC!!