Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Date Night

I've been shying away from posts without any photographs to validate my stories are true. Because I'm so sure all of you are reading and thinking, "Yeah right, Riley. Prove it." (Because these stories are so fantastical.)

Actually, I just feel like a post recapping our weekend activities is missing something without a picture accompanying it. But I haven't dusted off the camera for the latest haps, so it's a pictureless post or I resume my blogging drought.

The Millets and the Rileys really tapped into that genius portion of our brains for a Friday "date night." The boys headed to a sports bar in Sugar House to shoot pool and eat manly food, while the girls caught Odyssey Dance Theater's spring show and wished we could rewrite our childhoods to include dance lessons. (Okay, that was just me. Linds did the dance thing. And really, I love that my childhood included violin and piano - but the aforementioned activities don't come with rock-hard abs and petite thighs.)

I can't speak to the boys' evening, but the girls' portion was lovely. We saw their "Let It Be" show, which was comprised of 25+ dances to some of the Beatles' best. Most songs I'd heard, a few I had not ... but I found myself wishing for the more obscure songs each time the girl behind me starting SINGING ALONG to all the ones she knew. Are you for real? Even with our surround sound experience, it was such a fun show - and it made me want to go dig out one of the five Beatles CDs I asked for (and received) for Christmas when I was 10.

After the segregation portion of the evening, we reunited at our place for crepes and all manner of decadence... strawberries, bananas, whipped cream, Nutella. Nothing wrong with this picture.


Brandon and Erica said...

Allison. You are a GREAT writer.
And, I loved the Beatles too...even when I was ten.
My all-time favorite, "Oh, Darling". I really rocked out on that one.

And, I also wished I would've been a dancer.

Two more reasons we can be friends. :-)

Also, so glad that "chuck" stopped by on our blog and left a joke. Brandon loved it.

Kari said...

I read the following and laughed and laughed. And laughed...

"All by my loan sum."

Maybe numbers were on that writer's mind. Please appreciate that.

Linds said...

I will validate this post becuase I was there! I experienced the decadence of the dessert crepes and i also experinced the longing for rock hard abs and petite thighs.

Rileys said...

Hey Allison- We no longer have the internet so it will take me awhile to get back to you and check out your blog for the next while. Not to mention updating my blog! Things are going well and I feel fine, I am definatley feelinf 8 months pregnant and getting ready to have this baby. But we do not have a name picked out so its probably a good thing we have 8 weeks.
My brother and his wife just had their baby two days ago and it makes me so excited and impatient. Little Max has had a rough start but he should be fine and out of ICU soon, they are just sad to go home without him.
I hate seeing your rock climbing pics, it makes me so jealous! It is one of my favorite things to do, we will have to go when I come back to Utah, it looks like you guys had fun!
Hope things are going well- keep in touch

"All you need is love" said...

I love the "rewrite childhood" comment. Everytime I go to something like that I am determined to take adult dance classes, one more thing I am going to do in Heaven.

Ashley said...

Too bad, sucker. I have two of those five CD's here with me. I don't know how or why.

Devin said...

Yo! We need to double sometime. Make sure to stop by again when you go and work out. I usually leave work around six. Hope things are going well!

Whitney said...

i have to echo what others have said-you are a fantastic writer.

and you ARE a dancer, a ballarina as i recall. i think i have the photo to prove it....