Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mr. Noah

Noah's company is involved in Junior Achievement, a program where business folk visit local schools once a week for a month or so and indoctrinate the little kiddos with "business = good" philosophies. Also, so that when they take macroeconomics their freshman year of college, they look at supply and demand and think, "this is vaguely familiar..."

As you can well imagine, Mr. Noah has quickly become a favorite among the first graders. His first week, little Natalie insisted he stay. When Noah explained he had to leave but would be back the next Tuesday, another little boy piped in and said, "I can't WAIT until Tuesday." I wish I had such a captive audience at work :).

Today, Noah had another jam session with the tots, and this was the exchange he sent me by email:

Natalie: "Can you just stay with us?"
Mrs. Pugh: "Mr. Riley has a job he has to get back to." (Today we talked about jobs).
Malachi: "Where do you work?"
Noah: "I work at SelectHealth, we do health insurance."
Class: Confused looks
Noah: "We help people go see the doctor." ("And we charge an arm and a leg.")
Angie: "You should work with Mrs. Pugh."
Noah: "That would be a lot more fun."

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Brandon and Erica said...

haha. Oh funny little kids.

Well, it's always nice to know Noah still "has it" with the ladies...even if they WERE born post 1999.