Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Another Suite Night

Noah must be batting his eyes or flashing those dimples for someone because we scored yet another set of suite tickets a few weekends ago for the Bees' home opener.

The suite didn't have catering, but they did give us food vouchers which allowed us to stroll the concourse in search of grub and awkward situations. We found both.

While waiting in line, we ran into a guy I recognized from Utah State. He apparently also recognized me and struck up conversation. He kept trying to peg from where we knew each other, and my "um... Utah State?" answer would not suffice. He continued digging, but I couldn't bring myself to tell him it was because he used to hit on me when I worked as a parking booth attendant. I just can't condone the behavior by having the offender believe it was memorable.

After the 7th inning stretch, we decided to indulge our sweet tooths (?) and ran down for some ice cream. We placed our order - Bumblebee Ripple - and turned to watch the game while they scooped. A good five minutes later, I finally leaned over to Noah and asked, "Do you think anyone is getting our ice cream?" We turned back toward the counter and a staredown between the two of us and no fewer than five adolescent ice cream connoisseurs ensued. They looked confused. We were certainly confused. Noah finally broke the silence and asked about our order, at which point they hit the "ah-ha!" threshold and started scooping. How do you forget to fulfill an order when you only have one customer? Mystery.


Brandon and Erica said...

haha. Funny story. And, I am glad you didn't tell creepy fellow-Aggie how you knew him. We probably would've felt like there was something there. Not so.

And, I will pretend to know you with long hair (since I only know you with short hair) and say...your hair is getting long!! It's cute!

So glad I can document your hair length via blog-stalking.

Whitney said...

good thing this time you didn't have to change into dress clothes! that is so fun noah keeps scoring tickets. my guess is not only does he bat his eyes at people but he flashes a picture of his hot wife! together that should do the trick... ;)

Quinn and Linds said...

At least you got your ice cream...right?? Noah's job may be boring, but at least you get free tickets to every sporting event in SCL!! I just wanted to comment on how long your hair is Ali, it looks great! We need a little bit of Riley in our lives, let's get together (yeah..yeah..yeah...)!

Jaci said...

ahh, I love the memories of baseball! You are lucky to live so close to fun stuff like this. Better luck next time on the icecream ;)
You two sure are a darling couple.

Jen said...

That is like a Seinfeld episode- oh my, are you too young for that? You little babies :) You make me laugh.
...and no, we haven't staked out a neighborhood party date yet. So much Pressure!!

Darby said...

I love awkward moments!! Dumb ice cream kids. I would have been like "Listen, I need this ice cream stat! Get scoopin'!" Well, maybe not, but that's definitely what I would have been thinking during the staredown.