Monday, March 24, 2008

Casual Fridays Need Not Apply

Remember the time I went to an arena football game (read: slightly less formal than normal football, slightly more formal than Nascar) in a delicate little sweater with puckered sleeves and my high heels? Yeah, yeah... remember how I was sent home for being underdressed?
SelectHealth gave Noah a few tickets to the Blaze game on Friday night, so he picked me up and we planned to go straight from work. As we drove along 300 West and paused to let a few jerseyed fans with their faces painted orange cross in safety, I began to wonder about my ensemble that was entirely appropriate for a Friday at an ad/PR agency downtown but suddenly felt uber-stuffy for an evening of tackles and touchdowns sponsored by our local Harley-Davidson dealership.

Time was of the essence, so I shrugged it off as Noah and I roped our neighbors Marc and Katie into the last-minute plans (so glad you two could come!) and headed to the Energy Solutions Arena.

We disembarked the elevator on the suite level (a detail Noah managed to recall from the email) and found ourselves at the executive suite. Dress code: no jeans (a detail Noah did not manage to recall from the email). The very sweet hostess informed me I was not gracing the room's presence in my Gap bootcuts, at which point we turned around, retraced our steps BACK to the parking lot and called Marc and Katie to be sure they didn't show up sporting the same denim faux pas.

No big deal - we live just a few blocks away - we cruise home, Noah hands over the keys, I fly up the stairs and change. I get back in the car - now properly slacked - and Noah extends his hand for the keys... the KEYS. So Noah busts a very impressive break-into-the-house move, which receives a raised eyebrow from some guests at an apartment across the way but apparently warrants no actionable concern. We are, after all, west of State Street. The broad daylight break-in is commonplace.

We finally made it back to the game in suitable attire and enjoyed a fun game, pleasant company and a delicious meal. Thank you - Marc and Katie - for putting up with us :).


Natalie said...

I loved your story...but reading it in my denimless work place just had me thinking "she gets to wear jeans!"

Ashley said...

I didn't even know they had an arena football team. That field is tiny! Are the players proportionately smaller as well?

Koryn said...

I didn't know that any type of football, arena or otherwise, could be so snooty! C'mon, this is the place of large men wearing strange hats and painting their over-sized beer bellies (is that a proper plural?)
In spite of the fashin faux pas, it looks like a great time and I wish I could have been there - I would have come in some great slacks.

Darby said...

You've got to be kidding me about denim faux pas at an arena football game. It's really like you described it, one step up from NASCAR but one step below regular football. Who doesn't wear jeans and wife-beaters to these sporting events? I hope you got good food out of this. Classic key situation. I love that comment about living west of State, and normal everyday daylight break ins.

Ben and Aimee Sims said...

Hey I heard about the "bomb" scare down by your office the other day! Exciting day!! :)

melissa said...

I love that story so much. Arena football makes me laugh. It's like football players playing dress-up.

cacrowell said...

You have got some great stories! It is all such a different world in preferred seating. I do have to say, I think some would find it odd to watch a game and not walk out with beer-spilled jeans and deaf ears--isn't that what football is about? :)

Kate Gildea said...

Oh my Alison. Your clothes have been failing you lately! First the high heels and now the jeans. You are a good sport, and way to go Noah on the great break in! I am very impressed!

Brandon and Erica said..., I don't know if my tail should be between my legs or not, because, well...I am blog-stalking you.
Yeah...that's right. It's mainly because I feel like we're really friends because the three times that we hung out, I really liked you!
And, Noah isn't so bad either. :-)

So...I hope you don't mind!

And, on a sidenote: we should get together some time again. Brandon and I keep saying that we want to hang out with you guys again, but you know how we're all talk. Let's make it happen via blog commenting!

Ashlie & Deven said...

Oh how funny! We were totally at the game on Saturday too!! Although definitely not in the posh executive suite as you guys were. It's been forever since we've gotten together. Let's do it soon!

p.s. I can totally see Noah pulling a Macgyver, to break into your house.

Jacob Roskelley said...

I love hearing about you guys. I miss your smiling faces. It's been forever.