Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Jack of All Trades

I have a confession.

I have a {not so} secret love affair with close out stores.

Sure, I might find a great deal on pot scrubbers, fall in love with the brand and never, ever be able to find them at that store again. But I will have paid $.33 for them and I will still feel victorious. Such is the life of a close out store devotee.

I left my hair brush in Utah last week {ahh! bathroom items! i should have known. if there is anything our 118+ houseguests have taught me it's that the most commonly left behind items are bathroom items!} and I've been going out of my mind without one ever since {ps - if you saw me at church sunday, the missing brush is not to be blamed for that disaster. thinking hot curlers were a good idea on a humid day is to be blamed for that disaster.}

The problem is, I never think to purchase a hair brush when I can actually do something about it. I did remember Saturday night when I swung by Duane Reade, but $15 for a paddle brush? Como what?!

So this morning, I made a stop by Jack's World. In and out in less than three minutes. Not only did I find my brush for a whopping $1.99, I also came away with a basting brush {I've been needing one of those!} and a bottle of hair smoothing lotion {every time I run out, I feel like a chump paying $15 for another bottle, but I can't live without the stuff} for a grand total of $7.97.

Something about these 9am impulse buys made me self-conscious laugh at myself. When you need a basting brush, you need a basting brush.

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