Monday, July 25, 2011

How To: A Lewiston 4th

Stake out a great stretch of parade-front property and look adorable for the old folks' band:
Scout out the best suppliers:
Patiently wait out the non-candy throwing types {like mini horses driven by mini humans}:

Enlist someone like Jeff to shout something polite, but witty and attention-grabbing, into the megaphone so as to direct all candy throwing northward {sorry, folks on the south side of the street}:
Watch your head while taffy, Tootsie Rolls {sometimes frisbees and dangerously, bottles of water} are thrown:
Scramble and gather:
Survey the goods:
Make friends with a grown-up who will be helpless against your adorableness - this grown up will collect all the pieces that make it past the barricade of 5-year olds and add them to your stash:
There are few things that make my year like a 4th of July spent in Lewiston, Utah. After racing the parade into town {there is one street into town, and it's the parade route. don't even think about trying to get to the parade after it starts.} and a loop around the carnival "uptown," we headed to the farm for lunch, volleyball, soccer, 4-wheelers, homemade ice cream, swingsets, hot tubbing, delightful conversation among cousins and a staged photo with sisters. 
 {i adore this series of noah attempting to get one past the girlies...}
 {...and syd takin' him to town!}
{these gals mean business.}
This city cousin also attempted to drive a dirt bike on the farm. It looks so easy! A banged up wrist, scratched up hand and Phillips head {or as I like to refer to it, Wilson...} brand on my leg from an unfortunate collision in the corn fields later... I'm here to say it's not as easy as it looks.

 Oh, Lewiston - I'm in love.


rileys said...

Please let Noah know that he cant wear striped shirts with plaid shorts, it is a lesson Lyn is teaching McKayde right now. It just is no good:)

Noahr said...

A. I think I knew that already
2. I didn't pack well
iii. My personal fashion consultant is not very proactive
D. The Lewiston types aren't as uppity about clothes as Clevelanders
X. Have you seen the ways my brothers dress?

kenzie said...

"Mini horses driven by mini humans"?! I'm dying! I love your implication that they're definitely not candy throwers. Thanks for the laugh.

Alisa and Crowells said...

Oh, I want to just jump into your last picture!