Monday, July 11, 2011

Family Ties.

"What have we always said is the most important thing?" 
"Family. Right. I thought you meant out of the things you eat."
{arrested development.}

We've had a really wonderful week, one I plan to capture in greater detail in further posts. But first, an observation. 

Last night, as Noah drove south on I-15 and I sped along in a DC --> NYC bus, we realized something... between welcoming home Elder Furniss from the Raleigh, North Carolina mission, celebrating the 4th of July Lewiston-style and joining the "Oregon Barlows" for a wedding in Washington, DC, Noah and/or I have managed to see nearly every Barlow cousin, aunt, uncle and grandparent in the last six days. An impressive feat, considering I'm one of 32 first cousins and we span the map literally coast to coast. This doesn't usually happen over the course of years, let alone days. 

We had a really wonderful week, filled with Rileys, Furnisses, Ellsworths and Barlows (and all in-laws thereof). 

Glad to be blessed with such an amazing family.
{the sibs minus the Paces in front of "Grandma's House"}


Ashley said...

*sob* So jealous. Is there a story with Whit's angry face? Please tell me you didn't make her stop in the middle of the parade to get this pic! (Was Jeff heckling, by the way?)

Missy said...

Check this out, it's finally happening!

Hawaii Monkeys said...

Allison- it was so great to see you too! I was so glad you could make it and I feel bad I didn't really get to say goodbye properly. ;) Take care! If you're ever down this way, know you have a place to stay, we'd love to visit! luv, Courtney

koryn said...

Oh what a great picture. I''ll make sure Whitney sees that choices have consequences, like that face posted on a highly-read blog. It WAS a great week, we loved it too!