Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Left My Heart, and My Lunch, in Ann Arbor

Ashley just sent these pictures from our visit with them last month. I've completely melted. It's official. I'm a puddle at a desk.
For President's Day, we got away to that most obvious of February destinations: Michigan. We planned the trip before Ashley and I realized we'd see each other in Utah, but I was already craving more family time, so this trip was a welcome respite from real life. Our visit had everything we needed. Ashley's delicious home-cooking, an aerobics class that kicked my booty, thrift store treasure hunting, cloth napkin sewing, dancing around the house with two of my favorite little towheads, dinner in downtown Ann Arbor with J&A, lemon drop cookies, and food poisoning. So that last one seems less appealing, but Ashley has rough first trimesters, so she knows how to take care of a sickie. Plus, "I'm gonna look amAzing..." (sad that neither Ashley nor I have the words to properly recount our weeks without having to quote NBC's Thursday night lineup).

One of my favorite pictures of Noah and Hayden reminded me of a similar shot with little Miss Abbey a few years ago. He's got an m.o.
My sweet Abbey, you ARE loved. I'm so sorry we don't have the pictures to prove it. The camera didn't come out much this trip. Correction: my camera didn't even make it to Michigan, since I was traveling Spirit Airlines and couldn't take anything that didn't fit in my purse (and underwear pulled rank). Ashley's made it out just in time to capture a few antics while we waited for our lunch to arrive - which we promptly devoured and then made a run for the airport.

Love this little family so much.


candace said...

picture perfect!! how adorable! my brother is in MI right now so a piece of my heart is there, too!

Angie said...

And also your hair looks FANtastic.

Alisa and Crowells said...

SO sweet. I'm sure you two rocked their world--I always feel like time with my sisters disappears way before I even get a chance to put my feet on the ground. Those little girls are adorable and so are you guys. :)

Ashley said...

Maybe it's because the NBC Thursday night lineup is such a highlight of our week. That's grim.

I can't believe those two pictures set up next to each other! There actually was one from the restaurant that had Hayden and Noah having more of those expressions, I'll have to get it to you!

Oliver & Margy said...

Ditto on your hair looking fantastic! It was fun seeing you last week!