Friday, February 25, 2011


Sometimes I feel like not capturing a wonderful memory with a photograph is such a shame. In this case, I like to think of it as having such a nice time, nobody stopped to grab a camera.

We were fortunate to ring in the New Year with Koryn and her family in their lovely little town of Monticello, Utah. After more than a decade's worth of globe trotting, the Knudsen family calls this rural town in southeastern Utah home and we were excited to share a few days soaking in the beauty of their surroundings. I seem to have blocked the memory of what the temperature was outside (anyone care to comment and remind?!) but it was severe enough to keep me cozily indoors or running fast to the car to get to our destination and back to cozily indoors.

The boys (my boy included) and little Miss Whit braved the elements and pulled a tube behind the fourwheelers right down the middle of the road for an afternoon of can't-do-that-in-NYC fun.

We also attempted an evening hike to the Delicate Arch (which, side note - we once saw a news tease that had me believe it had fallen down and I was heartbroken I'd never seen it). After flying 2,000 miles and driving another 6 hours, we came within .25 miles of checking that off the list. But alas, the box remains unchecked. All the hikers we passed warned us we were starting too late and it would be dark. In sheer defiance, we pressed onward until our sensibility and the moonless night got the best of us and we turned around. Next time.

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