Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Full House

I probably should have waited to shout my Gilbert Gottfried-spotting news from the rooftops. Little did I know this was going to be the week of celebrity spottings. Some, admittedly, in more contrived settings than others.
Passed Jessica Hecht on 42nd on my way to...
The World's Largest Ice Cream Social at Cold Stone - the event was to benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation and another partner is WWE, so the Hart Dynasty was in the house. I'm probably going to let a lot of you down when I admit -- I don't. know. much. about. the WWE.

So when I was standing in the two feet between the counter and the wall and this guy:
stopped next to me, and then a third person had to squeeze past, so Allison and this guy:
were suddenly face to face - er, face to mid-section - but I didn't know who he was and it felt like a strange time to shake hands and throw out, "so I'm Allison... and you are?" I just averted my glance and waited awkwardly for the moment to pass. Funny that I can survive subway ride after subway ride all up in fellow passengers' business, but recreate the scene with this guy:
and I'm all aware of it. Maybe it's because it's this guy:
(oh, admit it - this picture makes you laugh as hard as it makes me laugh)

and he could probably crack me in half.

The next celeb who could probably crack me in half - Larry Fitzgerald of the Arizona Cardinals. Larry has partnered with Cold Stone to advance breast cancer awareness and research through this program, so we had him in town this week promoting the cause for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

(I should note, as the only celeb in this post who I actually spent any sort of time with - I am uber-impressed by this guy. The type of person who's so down to earth you think, hey! I kind of have stuff in common with this person. Well, we're both in our twenties and I think the similarities end there. Because I've never sent any team to the Super Bowl. I've never been featured in a video game. And I'm not on the cover of Men's Fitness. Plus, the ladies love him. Behold, the woman in the purple hat: love it.)
We kicked off the morning at Good Morning America, where I fully intended to see the hosts but hadn't thought about who else might be strolling the studio.

Within 6 minutes, I walked past Victoria Gotti, exchanged smiles with Patricia Heaton and made eye contact four times with John Stamos.

That's right. Uncle Jesse.

Consider my seven-year-old mind exploded.


Kadee said...

Dude, John Stamos? Maybe I'll start to convince Troy when we're done here we need to find a PhD program that's a little farther north...:)

Ash, Dev, & Coop said...

Al, you have the coolest job ever! Plus who could not laugh at that picture!

Ashley said...

Best post ever, I'm still laughing so hard. When Abbey saw the picture of Mr WWE, she said "Oooh, that guy is groovy." What?!? How does she even know that word? And, trying to remain calm...uncLE JESSEEEEEE!!!!!! Did you tell him about the hours and hours of Full House we have recorded on VHS?

Ashley said...

And now I've read this post 3 times. I'm still laughing.

Rileys said...

super jealous, I still have a crush on uncle jesse.

Nicole said...

Hee! It's either the slide show effect of all those same pictures in a row or the black underpants, but something is making me laugh and laugh. So funny! :)