Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A City Divided

Noah and I returned home late Monday evening after a wonderful three-day weekend (updates on that soon), and the hour left little in the way of straightening up the house and preparing for the week (I LOVE a clean house to collect my thoughts). Although, truth be told, it did leave enough in the way of a Friends episode and a bowl of mint cookies and cream.

No willpower. It's frightening.

But we managed to dodge responsibility and the folding/putting away of laundry (yawn) for one more evening when our coworker generously scored us tickets to the Mets/Marlins game last night. We hadn't spent an evening at Citi Field yet (come to think of it, we hadn't really been to Queens yet... so this was uncharted territory all around.) and I gotta say - of all the brand new Major League Baseball stadiums in New York City, I think this one is my fave.
I wish I'd taken more photos, because the inside is really neat - I loved the brick juxtaposed with the dark steel rafters and there was just a cool vibe.

But as I was declaring my love for the facilities (does that reek of a bathroom euphemism? does "reek" conjure equally unpleasant thoughts? i'm stopping...) the Mets were ho-hum on the field. I took this picture in the bottom of the 7th, Mets down by two, bases loaded, one out, David Wright up to bat (evidently a crowd favorite? i suspect because he slightly resembles Donny Osmond.) - hoping I would have an awesome grand slam story to share after I took it. But meh, nope.
My love faded further when we had to wait on two crowded platforms for two different trains in order to get home. We usually walk home from Yankee Stadium. If you've ever been to Yankee Stadium, now you're afraid for me, probably.
So I guess I'm still on the fence. Mets fan? Yankees fan?

METS - dig the digs; free tickets; giant apple; Donny Osmond lookalike.
YANKEES - home in 15; Frank Sinatra; winning.

I guess all that's left to consider is whether I look better in pinstripes or orange. I'm such a hard-core sports fan.


allyn said...

major toss up. the scale only started tilting with the osmond lookalike possibility.

Missy said...

haha! I always had a hard time with the Jazz because yellow and purple look awful together. Just awful.

Whitney said...

um, i would say mets so we aren't die hard enemies.. ;) the mets stadium is like a mile from my great-aunts house where we stay so i know the train troubles you are talking about! especially after a game, i can't imagine. miss ya friend!

lauren said...

everybody looks better in pinstripes. and jeter is WAY hotter (and better) than wright.

i'm just sayin...