Friday, August 28, 2009


The Impetus: Allison's a lot more pleasant to be around when she's been on a walk.

The Scene: Walked along 5th to the park after work. Papa Murphy's hit-the-streets with $5 pizzas and I had no dinner plan to speak of (and this was yesterday, when I didn't know yet that poor eating choices were catching up with me). So we forked over five Washingtons, walked through Central Park until we found a quiet-ish table and listened to Noah's Brett Dennen Pandora station over cold-ish pizza.

The Highlight: Hello there, east side of the park! We don't see you often... Beautiful walk and the weather was the icing on the cake.

The Impetus: Noah's always wanted to party on a aircraft carrier.

The Scene: Free movie night on the USS Intrepid. Secretly we hoped it would be on the actual deck of the ship. No dice. But we didn't mind settling for leftover hummus and tapenade, Sour Patch watermelons and great company on the pier alongside the ship while we finally understood all those jokes in Apollo 13 we didn't understand as kids.

The Highlight: Rain delay = free stadium blankets. Now that's just good PR, Bank of America.

The Impetus: Bed bug scare. (Kevin C. has a theory about a guy who worried so much about itchy scalp disease that he got an itchy scalp. Can you get so worried about bed bugs that you actually catch them?)

The Scene: Sorting through each piece of clothing, one article at a time. Checking pockets, tags, folds, cuffs before sealing in bags, washing and running on high for 90 minutes. Scrubbing base boards and crevices with rubbing alcohol.

The Highlight: We learned we don't actually have bed bugs. Just the never-ending, always-looming, potential threat of bed bugs.


Rileys said...

Hey, So Ave got attacked by bed bugs in Utah this summer and they werent too bad. Okay thats a lie they were pretty bad, she itched and hurt for days!!! And Aniston was super jealous of her, she thought it was cool cause dad tells her every night not to let the bed bugs bite and so apparently she was in the cool club now, so positive note- you would be in the cool club if you did get them.

Nicole said...

I just caught myself scratching my scalp. Boooo.

cacrowell said...

I think that's a pretty sweet date--a walk through the park and listening to your tunes while eating pizza (even if the flavors sort of blend together b/c it's not piping hot). Corey would consider it a perfect date hands down--especially with the $5-buck pizza. Parks in a city--that's refreshing. Love it.
I heard you can just jump on your bed and that knocks the bed bugs to the bottom--or maybe that was just a psych trick to help kids go to bed. :)
Glad you got free stadium blankets!

allyn said...

i'm gonna have to rent apollo 13 now. were there some good jokes in it? "the constellation you-rine" was the only one i could think of.

sorry about the bedbugs scare. i heard they were going to be lively on the east coast this year.

su-tang 3000 said...

Bed bugs? Can't wait to sleep on your floor. :)

Robby Spratt said...

You have a pretty impressive vocabulary. It seems that I have to break out the dictionary at least once on most of your posts.

Melissa said...

Seriously, I second the vocab notion. Impetus? Lookin' it up right now. I haven't had bed bugs, but Argentina did grace me with fleas. Yuck. I'll spare you the details, but believe me when I say I understand ongoing fears of potential bug problems. Worth the paranoia, for real.

Jamie said...

Hey Allison, I hope you remember me. Well I was just stumbling upon your blog and thought I'd ask you some advice - my mom, sis and I are going to NY next month for a girls' getaway and we need some advice from a local on things to do, see, eat, etc. I've been before but on a school trip, so I'm a little lost.

Any advice would be great. Thanks!

Claire said...

I'll just say that as for bed bugs, I had that EXACT experience last year while matt was gone. I became convinced and obsessed with the fear that they were lurking just out of my discovery.