Friday, August 28, 2009

The Honeymoon's Over.

Nope, not the lovin' each other stage (ask anyone who rolls their eyes when we share earbuds and laugh together at This American Life on the commute home or any of our coworkers who hear an indavertent, "k - thanks, sweetie" when we hang up).

I'm talkin' about a little thing called the losing weight without trying stage.

When we moved to the city, we went from avid gym rats to well, subway rats. And at first - the one mile round trip to the grocery store and the hauling of milk cartons and laundry detergent up and down 8th Ave pretty much did the trick. The jeans still fit. The smaller jeans fit.

After fighting nature (farmer's build... it's in my genes) my entire life, for the first time ever I wasn't trying and the inches were dropping.

I still enjoy a great run now and then and I always take the stairs and I did raise caucasian participation at the rec center's free aerobics classes by 100%, but an actual schedule or plan to break a sweat is shoddy at best.

To top it all off, my sweet tooth has been in high gear, and without the extra pounds to guilt me out of it, I indulged. And indulged.

I knew it was too good to be true and I knew it couldn't last.

Today, it quit lasting.

That's right - shocker. A non-existent workout routine and an overly-existent love affair with Breyer's ice cream (the PEACH? Oh my gosh.) and for some reason the nylons took a little extra tug this morning.

I feel like I suddenly woke up and this don't try=lose weight situation I thought was so awesome actually sheds its hair all over the bathroom and doesn't wake up wearing make-up anymore.


Natalie said...

bah, this was me a few weeks ago. I started all sparkpeople and exercising and that lasted a month! I consume so much ice cream it just doesn't work!! I will jump back on the bandwagon at some point though.

Grams and Pinch said...

Allison, you are so funny. I cannot even imagine you getting on the scales. They wouldn't even register normal weight let alone over weight. So don't give me the story of poundage. Now try rice every meal and see what happens. Not a pretty side, Baby!

candace said...

oh man, now you know what normal people are faced with!! ha ha--but Breyer's ice cream--delicious! It's been on sale here...for a really long time...which means we keep buying. The peach and strawberry are definitely the best!

melissa o said...


(Clearly my honeymoon stage has been over for quite a while.) :)

Melissa said...

Oh how I love your posts and your lose-weight-without-working-out routine. Maybe because I could have so often related in the past? But now I have to train for a marathon to look what I deem to by "myself". Longest workout of my life coming up in just 30 short days. But in the meantime, since I am running like I'll die if I don't (only because I will), ice cream is still rockin' the nightly routine in the Smith home. Jon on the other hand will probably never gain a pound the rest of his life. Ever. Oh that our children get his genes...

p.s. you're hilarious, as always.

nikki said...

Allison... this is too funny. I can relate. I'm just waiting for mine to end... homemade chocolate cookies are my nemesis and yet they continue to find their way into my oven.

Claire said...

Well I'm just glad you did experience that lovely little period! That staved off the Freshman 15 for my first semester... but yeah. No longer for me here in suburbia! Hope you can find a routine you're happy with!