Friday, October 2, 2009

I Spoke Way, Way Too Soon...

Noah was in charge of media relations last night for an event at a hotel on the edge of Central Park. So after work, I got all gussied up (read: I tried to hide the flu. It wasn't pretty.) and scurried north for 14 blocks to meet up with him.

A firm believer in geometric principles, I created the shortest distance between two points by cutting through Rockefeller Plaza, where duh - namesake - perhaps I should have expected to see Alec Baldwin shooting a scene for 30 Rock?!

So if there's an episode where Jack's sitting on a bench on the plaza, think of me and watch for my red coat. I'll probably be walking like I kind of have the flu, but just saw Alec Baldwin.

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melissa o said...

You are a big freaking deal.