Thursday, April 2, 2009

GR_SSR_ _TS M _ _ _ M_ NT

Tonight is laundry night. That means hauling the dirty duds down six flights of stairs, down the street and across the intersection to the laundromat.

This laundromat does not mess around. There is a fully-loaded snack bar in this joint. But that's not actually the inspiration for this post. Instead, what inspired me to put pen to paper, or rather, to plant my digits on the home keys, was Pat and Vanna.

We walk into the laundromat where Wheel of Fortune is showing on 4 screens. The puzzle was nearly solved (see: above), so I half-mutter "grassroots movement" to Noah as we walk down the aisle to stake our claim.

Just then, I key into the audio as a contestant shouts out "grassroots monument."


Pat seems a little dumbfounded, but says no and moves on to the next contestant who asks for a "B."

Who are these people?

At this point, Pat (who I think might be jaded from too many years at the Wheel) audibly scoffs and says, "no, uh - there is not a B."

On to the next contestant who catches on, asks for a "v" and redeems the human race.

And so now I have a new life plan.

Go on Wheel of Fortune; be kind of intelligent; pay off our house.


Robby Spratt said...

I will be honest...I have no idea what Grassroots Movement is. I was never any good at Wheel of Fortune. I was always a Jeopardy kind of guy.

Nicole said...

See, on the one hand it's nice to feel smart. On the other hand, oh the humanity! Hahahahaha! Also, I can't believe you have to travel so far with dirty and then clean laundry. Bah!

Hilarye said...

That's been our goal for awhile- but so far no call saying we made it on.

sorensenpower said...

I guess everyone isn't a PR professional.

Also, I just read your story of thievery. I can't believe it. I'm glad you reclaimed your possessions.

Jessica said...

Evan and I loved your story about the lady getting into the church. I am sure that was quite traumatic for you, but the way you tell the story is so entertaining. Do you do a lot of writing for work? If not- maybe you should be some sort of writer on the side :) And to answer your question, we're moving to the holladay area of salt lake. Yay! We loved our adventure and now we are loving coming home...

Quinn and Ryan said...

Noah and Allison! I have added you to my new that ok? I love reading about your NY adventures. Congrats on your article in the Times, that is great!

Ryan (and Quinn)

Whitney said...

so funny you mention this! josh and i sometimes catch the end of wheel of fortune because it comes on before jeopardy (naturally) and we are always like, are these people for real? you should totally go on wheel of fortune!

Ashley said...

It did take me more than a glance to get it, but come on. You would school that game. And if we could only find a game show that paid us to do Catch Phrase together, we could buy happiness!

Chana said...

I love your blog! I was an ambassador with Noah and I want to say we all graduated together although I'm not sure we were ever in the same classes. You are living my PR dream!

also I was just watching this NYC prank video on youtube and you guys are in it! It's from a no pants subway ride.

allyn said...

you should absolutely audition for the wheel. a guy aron works with was on in november. he won some dough and got to spend a week in l.a. and away from work.