Sunday, January 25, 2009

Found It!

After learning the hard way and letting a great little one bedroom on the Upper East Side slip through our clutches, we realized apartment hunting in NYC is not: "oooh, good option! Let's gather five or six more and weigh pros and cons before we decide." More like: "I could live here. Could you live here? Great. Quick – offer them our first born.”

So we were thrilled when we looked at approximately 15 apartments one afternoon, settled on one *if memory served* we liked best, negotiated an even lower price (score!), applied, got it and went back to find… ah, we really did like that one after all.

Yesterday afternoon, our bodies completely devoid any semblance of rigorous physical activity for the past four weeks, we decided to run to our new place to get the keys from our super. We wanted to check out a rug for sale at 92nd and 2nd, so we ran that direction from our current spot in Hell’s Kitchen first before making our way back to our new pad in West Harlem. If you are familiar with Manhattan, you will know this means we rock. Six miles on the heels of a full month’s inactivity. It doesn’t hurt, however, when that route means cutting through lovely Central Park twice and the fact that the tiny north/south blocks make counting blocks much more interesting than my run home in Salt Lake… “tttthhhhhiiiiirrrrrrrddd, fffffoooooouuuuurrrrtttthhhh…”

I won’t bore you with too many apartment details, (clearly, I have reserved that right for recounting boring running stories) but I’ll give you a run-down of the stats:

Newly remodeled (new appliances, paint, floors)
New bathroom, new kitchen – implied in the remodel, but worth mentioning twice because, hello, new bathroom and new kitchen. Are there many more sanity-saving things on this planet?
2-3x the size of anything we’ve seen
Least expensive apartment we viewed. Period.
Huge bedroom
Closet space
Full kitchen
Top floor
Plenty o’ room for guests (that, ahem, means you)
Great neighborhood
Free aerobics at the recreation center nearby
Cheap(er) grocery stores in the ‘hood

As we sat catching our breath on the floor of the apartment yesterday, I realized we’d better get used to those seats for a time. Thanks, Mom and Dad, for the inflatable mattresses for Christmas – because at least we will have something to sleep on. But this is going to be a pretty vacant space for a little while.

Pictures are forthcoming. But if you shut your eyes and imagine a big empty room, off to the side picture a big empty kitchen and on the opposite side imagine a big empty bedroom and bathroom. There you have it. Home sweet home.


Cliff, Kendal and Stone said...

Gosh, you really are so funny. What a fun experience for you two. Live it up, which it sounds like you are totally doing. You seriously crack me up. Had we actually worked together longer than a couple months, and lived in the same place, I think we would have become great friends. :)

Jed said...

Sounds like a nice place! When/if I go back East to research schools, I might just have to take you up on that house guest offer. :) Looking forward to pictures!

melissa said...

Yay!!! Glad you found an apt, post pics soon - even empty ones!

Whitney said...

yay for the find! it sounds fantastic! and free aerobics? score!
i know how nyc blocks are so i am very impressed with your running! and in the cold, double impressive! can't wait to see the place and see you!

sorensenpower said...

No need to post pictures. We'll just come check it out for ourselves!

not joking.

Tabbi said...

haha. sounds perfect! Can't wait to see the Riley's new home (hopefully this weekend)!

Robert said...

Yeepie I am so happy for you! You finally have a place to live that isn't in the 'hood.