Tuesday, September 30, 2008

She Almost Makes Me Want One

My sister Ashley and her hubby Justin must have some sort of superior genes, because how cute is this mug?
Abbey, Dad, Allison - 9.7.2008
After traveling all weekend, I flew in about one hour before my sister and her sweet girls got to town. It was land, cruise home for a shower, jet back to the airport and ride up and down escalators with Abbey.
The gals came to Salt Lake to stay with Noah and me and visit the finer points of the city this weekend. Some crazy-adorable photo opps ensued. Stay tuned.


Ashley said...

Ahh...sister. Can you believe that mug just got off a three hour, awful, painful plane ride? You can bet my sweaty mug wasn't lookin' so hot.

Jaci said...

wow! she is so cute!

melissa said...

That girl is gorgeous. I can't wait to hear about the finer points of SLC. Do share!

Brandon and Erica said...

So, I was thinking about the BYU/USU game last night (I know, random occurrence for me to entertain thoughts about college football) and then it immediately sent me to thinking about my two favorite Aggies...you and Noah....which immediately reminded me that we STILL owe you two a dinner on us. So, I told Brandon that we needed to take the Riley's out to dinner and he said, "We should make it a tradition to go to foreign restaurants with them." To which I said, "Great idea!"

So...you name the place. I know your anniversary is coming up (October, right?), so we could call it a happy-anniversary-month-from-the -Wilkinson's party.

hot garlic said...

Okay, ADORABLE child. Just precious.

And you, you look GREAT! I swear, you are one if, if not THE most photogenic person I know. I have yet to see you take a bad photo.

Glad you've been inpired to take on the 'real' scones. Let me know how it goes, or you can wait for my savory version I'm perfecting...

Thanks for your comment, the bajillions of them are nice, but I really just treasure a friendly face on there and still really do this for my friends and family, so thanks for being a reader, however often.

Miss you guys and can't wait for some photo ops of our own coming up!

Mercy said...

I just love to ready about your outlook on life -- whenever I need a good laugh or pick-me-up, all I have to do is visit here -- thanks lady!

Claire said...

My goodness, beautiful! And Al, may I say that every picture of you I see is getting more and more beautiful. Blossoming in your twenties, i tell you!

Anonymous said...

Hey Noah! Wow, I hit the Riley jackpot today! It is so fun to see what your all doing! Check us out at raulzkidz