Friday, September 19, 2008

People Ought Not Pass Gas on Airplanes… and other undeniable truths.

In the grand tradition of the Noah and Allison Riley family birthdays (ahem, Noah in Minneapolis for work last September 20; me dragging Noah to an awards banquet for my clients on May 31) I am penning this entry from a hotel room in Charlotte, NC.

Being an adult is so totally overrated sometimes. All I know, when you were a kid and your birthday landed on a Friday or Saturday, it was like hitting pay dirt. Weekend birthdays were, in a word, cool beans. (One word. Coolbeans.)

Well, about 23 minutes ago, eastern standard time, I turned 24. And according to ancient lore another year older makes me another year wiser, too.

I don’t know about that.

But what I did learn on my flight to the Tar Heel State (ah, state report information will prove beneficial one day, all you 2nd graders who frequent this blog…) is that nothing drives home the fact you’re breathing recycled air more devastatingly than lacing it with a foul odor. That goes for you guys sitting in front of me with the malodorous curry pork rinds, too.

I don’t have a camera cord to upload photos, so I’ll spare you any facts about what I’m doing here until I have some visual documentation to verify my words. Until then… “what was she doing?! What was she doing?!” I know. You totally can’t even sleep now.


allyn said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY allison!!! too bad you didn't come to norfolk. you could have shared a boring birthday with emma today and had some strawberry shortcake and enchiladas. sorry about the smellers. that really stinks. i am sure you will be able to make up for it when you get home.

Ashley said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Alli dear. You wanna hear a birthday memory? I believe it was your 6th or 7th and CharlieAnn gave you a rockin hot pink outfit with matching headband. I said I was going to invite her to MY birthday in April. You accused me of just wanting a rocking hot pink outfit. I said it was because we bonded over minigolf.

Coming clean: it was the outfit. I am so ashamed. Happy Birthday!

Natalie said...

Happy birthday!!!

Sick pork rounds! I'm holding my breath! haha

Skipper said...

First of all, happy birthday. Second, I think I'll be using this story as an example of "difussion" with my 8th graders next month. Thanks!