Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Jay Aych Why Oh.

My adorable little sister has been working her tail off in Jackson Hole, WY for the summer. Between Megs and the antler arches, we had two good reasons to make a trip to "God's Country" (that was for Whitney) in Wyoming.

The trip was made even more enjoyable by spending it with my fantastic parents who happen to really enjoy traveling with their kids. (They took a few kidless trips to Europe and came back saying they just wished we were there the whole time. It sounds like a line, but I tend to believe them. I think they genuinely like us.)

Nice picture, non? Excellent luck with the ask-a-stranger shot.

This was literally the extent of the trip. A little browsing (not shopping - the Furniss ladies don't shop well in resort towns. We're cheap. In the kindest sense of the word, Mom.), some delicious meals, hiking at Jenny Lake, randomly running into cousin Brandon on the trail, randomly seeing his lovely wife - Jessica - at church, (church and the trail are probably a good place to happen upon these relatives, so the chance meetings' odds were decent) pretending to push Allison off bridges, the usual.


melissa said...

Great fam picture!

Whitney said...

wow, first off, the random pic by the stranger was amazing! not only did you guys look great but the scenery is incredible! second, i am glad to see you really know where God's country is! ;) and third, you two look fantastic in wyo! go wyo!

The Anderson's said...

Awwwwww... that stranger picture looked actually pretty dang sweet. Nice work!

Julie said...

Ah hah I love it! Love the family picture as well...especially love the bridge scene... Teh heh.