Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Birthday Suit

This post is much more G-rated than its title suggests. You have my word.

Noah stepped out of the shower the other day (you still have my word) and began assessing injuries sustained at that morning's corporate games softball tourney. Those corporate types must have a lot of pent up something because these were the most ruthless battle wounds I'd seen from a day at the ballpark. Injuries included a painfully road-rashed calf, gruesome bruise on his thigh, an equally painful looking wound on his hip and the baseball-imprinted bruise on his lower back where the opposing team's shortstop tagged Noah as he hauled to first base. Seriously, I think the guy was out for the kidney.

It wasn't until he stepped a little closer that I realized his shoulders were also peeling from prologned exposure to more sun than we've seen all summer (granted, not a ridiculously high benchmark to hit, here) during last Monday's SelectHealth river rafting outing.

Conversation ensued.

"Oh, babe. You're peeling, too?!"
"Yeah. It's been a rough week on the ol' birthday suit."


Brandon and Erica said...

I do have to say that I really was getting nervous on the "Birthday Suit" post...but, was glad to see how it ended so purely.

And, your trip to Wyoming sounded like fun. However, you need to fix your pictures so that I can click on them to enlarge the size. I wanted to see close-up of your hair. It looks adorable, and it looks like you have hair extensions because your hair is SOOO long! That could just be from the fact that I haven't seen you since tends to grow.

Noahr said...

Dear Wife,

You failed to mention the rope burn and bruises from the river trip.

Anonymous said...

all i know is that mr. r. should be gettin' lots and lots of tlc due to all these injuries. frankly, i'm surprised you made him go to work with all that pain.

waiting on him hand and foot (whatever that means) is a good idea. apply the ointment. spoon feed him his morning yogurt (as that's the only way you'll get him to take his pills). give him good lovin when requested, but be gentle.

in my continued support of these sympathetic healing activities, you may or may not see mr. r. come home from work with a black eye due to an "accident" in the gym.

he fell. that's all that happened.

Sean said...

I am glad you kept this entry G-rated. I think that might have made Noah and my working relationship a bit uncomfortable if I'd had a visual...