Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It Read My Mind.

I'm at work completing a pretty mindless task, so I decided to listen to some tuneage while I worked. Finding myself pocketless, I jimmy-rigged the iPod to my arm with a Reminderband (thanks, American Diabetes Association!) and set the iPod on shuffle.

This delightful contraption just played the FOUR songs I wanted to hear in likely the same order I would have selected if I'd been in complete control of the tunes.
  • Adrian - Mason Jennings
  • She Was Only In It For The Rain - Rocky Votolato
  • This Is Home - Switchfoot (I don't know if it's cool to like Switchfoot anymore. Or ever.)
  • Violet Hill - Coldplay

Incredible. I'm going to go see if this thing can also make dinner tonight and write a few PR proposals.


kelly said...

My tivo reads my mind too sometimes.

Brandon and Erica said...

hilarious, and though I didn't recognize any of the four songs, it made me feel like you have a high-taste for music. You almost motivate me to switch out my NSYNC and B-Spears on the ipod for some high-class tunes. I don't know if the ipod can make your dinner, but I wouldn't put it past the reminderband. Those things can do wonders.

And, I know...we need to hang out. I'm just going to get the ball rolling...Let's just throw out a date and see if it works: August 28th. Not even sure what day that is, but I think hanging out on the weekend only is so old-school.

Brandon and Erica said...

Amazing ball-handling skills!
And, I actually CHECKED a calendar...looks like the 21st is a Thursday. Which works out perfectly for us. Thus far.

Let's tentatively plan on that!

As mentioned in my post...the husband is out of town, but seeing as how i am usually the scheduler...looks good!

hot garlic said...

Am I old {or young}, out of it, or have lived in foriegn countries too long. I didn't recognize any of those songs or bands, that was what they were, right?!

Hey guys! It seems like it's been forever. Just checking in! How is the house?! Can't wait until winter, where the days will be cold but the nights will be filled with treats, games, and of course whining from Big Al. And of course whining from Chris about Big Al's whining. There is no one we'd rather share those moments with than you two!

And sorry about the rough week on the 'ol birthday suit!