Wednesday, June 1, 2011

As Of Late.

I don't know whether it's pathetic or awesome that, according to this blog, pretzels and Nutella are the biggest thing happening in my life right now. I'm going with awesome.

The last several months have had their share of highlights.

A photo excursion in Chelsea with one of the sweetest young ladies I know {where we happened to be gallery strolling with Susan Sarandon. nbd}:

Another anniversary commemorated with a makeshift fort:

Live music from a lovely friend:

A delightful Easter weekend in Boston with two of our favorites:

 {insert your best "one step forward" line here}
 {hands down, my favorite pic of the weekend; good catch, Whit}

A visit from two gorgeous ladies who are perpetually nine years old in my mind's eye:

(and perhaps it goes without saying... I bought a new coat. wear it much?)


Nicole said...

When you can rock yellow like that, you wear the coat all the time, lady! Thanks for the update and lovely pictures. Glad you're well.

allyn said...

that was funny! i just figured you were in china or bolivia, or prague doing something fantastic that i will never get to do. good to know you were JUST hanging out in nyc with susan sarandon.

melissa said...

Seriously! Your hum drum life is way more exciting than my most exciting day. I mean, really! Pretzels and Nutella? A girl can only dream. . .

Hannadam said...

Love it!

Whitney said...

we had so much fun with you guys! love the pictures- you're welcome for the one i got with you flipping your hair back, so chic! i love it. :) miss you guys!

Alisa and Crowells said...

Love your pretzels and nutella, love your fort, and love that you went to Beantown. Really like that first city pic of the cars in motion----not as awesome as your pretzels and nutella, though. :)