Friday, April 1, 2011

Fools Mock

I’m gullible trusting.

On just one April Fools' Day in 2009, I believed my sister was pregnant in the morning (I have fallen for that one every single April Fool's Day that Ashley hasn't actually been expecting). I believed my friends had their baby boy that afternoon (I ran over to tell Noah about baby Sawyer Jack and that's when a coworker pointed out those are characters from LOST). And I believed my cousin got engaged that evening. 

It was an eventful day.

This is the first April first in a long time that I actually had my head in the game, so I've been a little disappointed that I haven't been on the receiving end of many fibs.

I did use the April Fools' forethought to bake some mini cookies and pretend they were a baby announcement with my coworkers. They were so excited and gave me the very sweetest reaction. Our fake baby was so loved that I actually felt really awful for pretending. I sort of feel like karma's going to give me a baby now.


J.R.G. said...

Is this an April fools to say that you aren't pregnant when you actually are? I write this from the hospital, now the father of two babies under 1. That is no April fools.

Alisa and Crowells said...

Oh, Allison, you make me laugh. I got a kick out of your last post, too.

Nicole said...

You and Bridget are kindred spirits. She came home from preschool yesterday and told me I could "do the fools" on her any time. I immediately told her that Emil (3 months old) started walking while she was at school and we went outside and walked around the neighborhood together. "Awww - I wanted to go on a walk today!"

Maybe she'll be book smart. :)

Quinn and Linds said...

Karma better bring you a baby now! My little girls needs a girlfriend in New York that can teach her all about the big city or a boyfriend to be her first 16 years :)