Monday, January 24, 2011

Grandpa Lloyd

Nicole, thank you for posting this picture of Grandpa with your mom and my dad - and forgive me for swiping it for a repeat post. (Truly, your blog is a treasure trove of all things that matter most to me. Thanks for going to all that hard work to capture our family memories!)

My handsome grandpa turns 93 today - isn't he dashing?
Some of my fondest memories of Grandpa Furniss are Grandma's and his visits to our home on Burch Creek Drive when I was a child. I remember hanging over the white couch in the living room, noses pressed against the big front windows watching anxiously for their white Pontiac 6000LE to pull into the drive. We knew at some point(s) in his visit, Grandpa would oblige us and our budding cosmetology talents by patiently lying on the living room carpet and letting us do our worst with pink foam curlers, barrettes and those hair elastics with hard plastic marbles on each end (many a finger nail whacked trying to maneuver those). The best part was after we'd exhausted all our hair styling creativity, he'd retrieve his black comb from his pocket and with one whoosh, his perfectly shaped coif - or as I affectionately like to refer to it, the David O McKay - was back.

Happy birthday, sweet Grandpa!


Nicole said...

How fun! Swipe away, lady. :) I bet he'd still let us do whatever we wanted to with his hair.

Corey, Alisa, Elsie, and Spencer said...

What a sweet post to a sweet man. Very much a Furniss.

melissa said...

Thanks for the memories, Allison. He had some pretty awesome hair. Love to you on this sad day.