Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Down Undah - The Venice Beach Chapter

Few things make a 20 hour flight more fun than a six hour layover. So we hatched an escape plan to the beach rather than spend six hours at Bradley International Terminal.

The shuttle was the more economical option, and you know me and economical. We waited at the curb with a really nice couple from Australia, chatted with them about their plans, realized we were all going to the same place and could split cab fare for a much better rate (I know, that has the makings of a thriller flick. But I wasn't alone and they weren't three men.). But things turned sour fast when our high-stress, super-pushy driver showed up and practically threw their bags in as we debated.

Things got sourer faster as we picked up the rest of the passengers, even less thrilled to be in the shuttle. It felt a little like a scene from a sitcom where people were saying whatever onery thing came to mind. Except that only the Rileys and the Aussies got the memo that it's actually super awkward to say everything you're thinking out loud. And hey - smelly emo boy, maybe you wouln't be so angry if your music wasn't screaming at you to do something drastic. See - I didn't say that out loud though, did I?

It all proved to be worth it when we hopped out of the shuttle, wished the Aussies an uphill U.S. experience from here and hit the beach just in time for the sunset.
We walked with the sand between our toes from Venice Beach to the Santa Monica Pier.
And then we caught a cab back to the airport.


Amy said...

So fun to read all your trip details and see the pictures! It looks like an awesome time... At least I enjoyed a vacation vicariously this year :)

Robby Spratt said...

The last line of this one was my favorite.

Raulz Kidz said...

Are ya kiddin?! Such a great getaway especially when the beach in involved. Thanks for making me ubber jealous!

natalie said...

Haha, 5 hours goes fast when air travel is involved. But only if you leave the airport. If you stay, it drags on for eons. Hilariously recanted!