Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Down Undah - The Sydney Chapter

Australia, you have a few things figured out.

a) Who can resist licorice?
b) Who can resist chocolate? (except for you, Lyndsey, you know who you are...)

Simple syllogism, you see where this is going - who can resist chocolate covered licorice? It's a good thing I didn't try these until the flight home or I would have been shipped back to the States in a sugar coma.

Isn't that just typical Allison fashion? Visit our wonderful family on a beautiful continent and start the recap dwelling on the confectionary goodness of the place? If you knew the way my brain was wired, it's either that or public restrooms - so pick your poison.

Our bodies are confused beyond reason with the drastic flip flop in time zones and the chilly northern hemisphere hit us like a brick wall when we exited JFK International before sunrise yesterday morning. But Noah's sunburnt nose and our licorice hangovers are fresh reminders of our adventure down under with the Ben and Natalie Riley fam. And what an adventure.

The Aussie Rileys are in the midst of a move, so we were able to split our time between Sydney + surrounding area and Melbourne + surrounding area. So though it didn't happen in this order exactly, here is the Sydney portion of the trip. You, dear reader(s), might not give a rip one way or the other, but telling a trip out of chronological order is a very bold move for my linear brain.

A little brekky then swimming at Bondi Beach - we'd just arrived, hence the jeans and sweaters in Sydney's record-breaking temps. We would learn quickly...

Home by way of Opera House views for a dip in the pool and Natalie's gourmet cooking (not an overstatement) then it was off to catch a glimpse of 'roos in the wild. And win their love with Blueberry Morning.
Yes! Bondi Beach, Aussie mohawkmullets, the Opera House and wild kangaroos in ONE day. We could have flown home satisfied.

On Sydney Day Two (ah, sheesh - see? I'm craving order here.) Noah and I caught the ferry from Parramatta and spent the day at Manly and Shelly beaches. The lack of snorkel gear in close proximity dashed our hopes of some underwater adventuring, but we enjoyed the clear water, warm sun and picturesque surroundings regardless.

We took the ferry, with its evening mix of sandy beach-goers and little black dresses, back to Darling Harbour and strolled the boardwalks looking slightly out of place - the only beach-goers that didn't part ways with the little black dresses upon arrival.

Sydney Day Three was more Darling Harbour by day and a stroll through Chinatown and Paddy's Market.

That evening, we towed the line between eww-bats-are-creepy and wow-bats-are-strangely-captivating when we watched clouds of bats emerge from the trees at the botanical gardens. HUGE bats.
We followed up with a delicious dinner at Italian Village in an awesome old building with this view of the Opera House.

Blurry Rileys, blurry Opera House. Behold the unpredictability of the night vision setting.
The best thing about vacations is that you can't gain weight while you're on one. So chocolate pancakes with strawberries and chocolate ice cream at Pancakes on the Rocks for breakfast is totally fair game.

We recovered from our a.m. gluttony with a walk across the Harbour Bridge, through the Rocks and around the Botanical Gardens for more gorgeous Sydney views.

And last, but not least, the big hair contest at the Sydney LDS Temple. I won by a landslide.


Ashley said...

Yay! I've been anticipating this post!

Not a shabby way to spend Thanksgiving, eh? I was unaware of the weight gain-free vacation zone. But, I must say, I swear you've lost weight since I saw you barely a few weeks ago. And how DID you get your hair that big?

The Opera House looks absolutely amazing at night. What an awesome trip, I'm so happy you guys were able to go.

Robby Spratt said...

Three things:
First, you two have all the fun! I'm so jealous! I've always wanted to go to Australia. Perhaps some day.
Second, you never said why your Riley relatives are living in Australia. I'm just curious.
Third, syllogism? Seriously? Where do you get these words? How much do you read? I read a lot, and I had to look that one up.
Good post, it looks like a fabulous vacation.

candace said...

Wow! amazing!! and I'm loving your hair!

cacrowell said...

How fun!! Kangaroos and huge bats--what an adventure! It's so fun to see all your pictures! Your hair looks so cute. Glad you had a happening Thanksgiving!

Heather said...

It sounds so amazing! And wow Allison, you are beautiful!

Sarah & Trent said...

WOW double wow WOW!!! So so cool. You guys are gorgeous. I have to make note of that in every comment. And it looks like one fantastic time of a time!!

natalie said...

I underestimated your on the ballness! I didn't realize the pics were up and stories were being recanted. Even though I was there I am still captivated...